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Texas Gets a 2nd Bathroom Bill, and Its Author Has Vowed to ‘Die Politically’ Defending It



Rep. Matt Shaheen Has Also Called For Removing Blacks, Women From Nondiscrimination Ordinances

Texas now has not one but two anti-transgender bathroom bills. 

GOP state Rep. Matt Shaheen, who once vowed to “die politically” for the cause of anti-trans discrimination, on Monday filed House Bill 1362. 

With Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick’s bathroom bill, Senate Bill 6, facing intense opposition from the business community, Shaheen is attempting to disguise House Bill 1362 as somehow less hateful, but the two measures would have similar effects. 

HB 1362, which you can read here, would prohibit school districts from adopting policies that allow people of “more than one sex or gender” to use the same multi-occupancy restrooms. It would also bar government entities, including cities, from limiting the ability of businesses to adopt their own policies on restroom use — thereby preempting trans-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances in Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth and San Antonio. 

HB 1362 doesn’t define “sex” or “gender,” but its provisions would be enforced by Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is rabidly anti-trans. In an interview with The Texas Tribune, Shaheen claimed HB 1362 is needed because the state didn’t create cities “to tell people where to go to the bathroom.” 

“There’s no way a serious person could call this bill discriminatory,” Shaheen said. “It tells people on the left side of the political spectrum they can’t tell people where to go to the restroom, and it also tells people on the right side of the spectrum they can’t, either.” 

Chuck Smith, CEO of the statewide LGBT group Equality Texas, responded that there’s no such thing as “a good version of the bathroom bill.”

The Texas Association of Business (TAB), which is the state’s chamber of commerce, has come out against any discriminatory anti-LGBT bills, saying they could cost the state’s economy up to $8.5 billion. 

“We caution against any type of legislation that limits businesses’ ability to recruit talent, and doing away with local discrimination ordinances with that preemption would really tarnish the Texas brand,” TAB President Chris Wallace told the Tribune in response to HB 1362.  

Although he claims the bill isn’t discriminatory, Shaheen happens to one of the Legislature’s most anti-LGBT members. He first got elected to public office in 2008 by gay-baiting his opponent, and last year, he vowed he would “die politically” if that’s what it takes to prevent trans people from using restrooms based on their gender identity. He also offered to help Target pack up and move out of Texas after the retailer announced its trans-inclusive restroom policy. 

Shaheen serves as a deacon at Prestonwood Baptist Church, an anti-LGBT megachurch in Plano, Texas, that fought bitterly against that city’s nondiscrimination ordinance in 2014. Prestonwood Baptist is led by the Rev. Jack Graham, who backed President Donald Trump despite his videotaped remarks condoning sexual assault. Prestonwood Baptist also happens to have a history of child sex abuse scandals. 

In 2014, when Shaheen led his church’s effort to block Plano’s nondiscrimination ordinance, he told Plano City Council members that instead of adding sexual orientation and gender identity to nondiscrimination laws, they should consider removing blacks and women.

“Do we really think the citizens of Plano are going to discriminate against women or minorities or African-Americans? I don’t think so,” Shaheen said. “I would ask you to consider that — not adding classes, but taking away classes.”

Shaheen can be reached at or 512-463-0594. You can also find him on Twitter. 

Watch a clip of Shaheen’s remarks to the City Council in 2014 below. 

Image via Matt Shaheen on Facebook



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Susan Collins, Under Fire for Refusing to Support Abortion Rights Bill, Endorses Racist Pro-Trump Ex-Governor



U.S. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) is under mounting criticism for refusing to support a Democratic bill that would make access to abortion the law of the land, as the U.S. Supreme Court, experts believe, prepares to reverse its historic 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade.

Senator Collins, who repeatedly claims to be pro-choice, is being criticized after years of supporting then-President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees at every level of the federal judiciary, including two of his three Supreme Court picks.

According to the progressive group Suit Up Maine, Collins voted to confirm of 208 of Trump’s judicial nominees. She voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, but against Amy Coney Barrett, reportedly because she felt the vote should not take place so close to an election. But Collins did vote to put Barrett on the federal bench in 2017.

The anger against Collins on social media has been palpable Wednesday, but it may be about to get worse.

According to NBC News affiliate News Center Maine, Collins just endorsed former Maine Republican Governor Paul LePage for a third term. LePage was term-limited after two consecutive terms, but announced in April he is running once again.

For those who don’t remember, LePage is a Trump acolyte known for making outrageous and vulgar remarks, is anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ, and pro-death penalty. He opposes legalization of marijuana, opposes renewable energy, supports “school choice,” opposes ObamaCare, wants to reduce the number of hospitals in the state, and has made racist remarks.

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This was Gov. LePage in 2016:

“As Maine recovers from the pandemic, Paul is the best candidate to grow our economy,” Collins said Wednesday in a pre-recorded video endorsing LePage, who once called himself “Baby Trump.”

The outpouring of outrage against Collins is tremendous.

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Busted: Steve Bannon Admits He Helped Plot Jan. 6 Trump Rally to ‘Kill Biden Presidency in the Crib’



Conservative broadcaster Steve Bannon admitted on Wednesday that he had plotted with President Donald Trump to “kill the Biden presidency in the crib” ahead of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

During his Warroom broadcast, Bannon played clips of journalist Robert Costa and Bob Woodward explaining how events unfolded prior to the Jan. 6 riot.

“You look at January 5th, we discovered that Steve Bannon, the former White House strategist, was there at the Willard Hotel blocks from the White House with Rudy Giuliani, having an almost war-room-type meeting with other Trump allies the eve before the January 6th insurrection,” Costa recently explained to MSNBC. “And Bannon had actually been in close touch with President Trump for days before January 6th. Based on our reporting, he privately told President Trump to have a reckoning on January 6th. And he said to the president, it’s time to kill the Biden presidency in the crib.”

Bannon seemed proud to confirm that the conversation had taken place.

“Yeah, because his legitimacy,” Bannon said of Biden. “42% of the American people think that Biden did not win the presidency legitimately.”

“It killed itself,” he continued. “Just look at what this illegitimate regime is doing. It killed itself. OK? But we told you from the very beginning, just expose it, just expose it, never back down, never give up and this thing will implode.”

Watch the video below from Real America’s Voice.


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Far Right Pastor Says There Are More Gays Than Ever Before Thanks to a ‘Demonic Spirit That’s Come After Our Seed’



A right wing mega-church pastor who falsely claims Donald Trump won re-election “by about 80 million votes” says more Christian children than ever before identify as LGBTQ, making clear he believes that is bad.

Pastor Kent Christmas, who shares his ministry with his wife Candy, appeared on stage before thousands of his followers and declared, “never have Christians’ children been more taken over by homosexuality, than they are right now,” as Right Wing Watch reports (video below).

The vast majority of Americans support same-sex marriage and equal rights and responsibilities for LGBTQ people.

Christmas blamed a “demonic spirit that comes after our seed” for the increase in people who identify as LGBTQ.

“If I asked each and every one of you to stand that has a son, daughter, or a niece or a nephew, or a brother or sister, that is gay, half of you would stand up in this building, because it is a demonic spirit that’s come after our seed and the church that God has raised it up in this hour is going to have authority over that.”

In 2018 Christmas acknowledged his son is gay, and said, “I know that he wasn’t born that way.”

He claims his son is no longer gay, and is now married with a wife and children.

“I watched the Holy Ghost deliver him and set him free,” Christmas said.

Last year a study published by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law found that “non-transgender LGB people who experienced conversion therapy were almost twice as likely to think about suicide and to attempt suicide compared to their peers who hadn’t experienced conversion therapy.”

It goes on to reveal that more than eight out of ten Americans who were subjected to dangerous conversion therapy “received it from a religious leader.”



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