NCRM’s Official Statement on Donald Trump


This is The New Civil Rights Movement's official statement on Donald Trump.

This statement does not change our reporting on the President, but we believe it is important for our readers to be fully informed on who their president is, what he has done, what he has said he has done, and what he has said he believes.

Donald Trump's statements and policies have made America a more dangerous place to live and work, and have put Americans at greater risk of terrorism. He foments violence and hate, is a serial liar, a racist, a misogynist, a supporter of white nationalism and anti-Semitism, a fascistic bully, an authoritarian thug, a sexual assault and adultery braggart, a hypocrite, a defrauder, and is a danger to civil rights, freedom of the press, and peace around the world.


This statement will be updated as necessary.

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