Netanyahu Tweets Thanks to Trump for Friendship and Support – as Twitter Wonders Why He Tagged Trump’s Kids


'I Also Find the Tagging of the Trump Children in This, Worrisome and Inappropriate'

Amid an ongoing attack on the Obama administration Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel took a moment to thank President-elect Donald Trump for his friendship and support, and tagged two of Trump's three adult children, Ivanka and Donald Jr., in the tweet. 

Netanyahu was responding to one of Trump's many attacks on President Barack Obama.

Perhaps it's arguable that Ivanka Trump deserved the mention, as Trump has made clear his daughter will be working with him in he White House, an unprecedented move that lawyers are trying to find a way for it to be legal. But Trump's son Donald Jr. has no capacity in Trump's administration, although he is working for the transition team, despite also being the one – along with his brother Eric – will be running their father's businesses.

Many on Twitter thought question should be asked, why did Benjamin Netanyahu tag Ivanka and Donald Jr.? What have they done to deserve the Prime Minister's thanks? When were they even in contact, and why?

On Facebook the Israeli Prime Minister made the same remarks but did not include Ivanka or Donald Jr. in his thanks.

On Twitter many pointed out the conflict: