UPDATED: Wisconsin Elections Commission Basically Calling Jill Stein Out for Not Filing Recount Petition Yet


With Just a Few Hours Left, Commission's Tweets Are Almost Daring the Stein Camp to File

With less than four hours to go but well over $5 million cash on hand Jill Stein has not yet filed her recount petition yet with the Wisconsin Elections Commission, the commission says via Twitter.

Stein on Tuesday launched a highly-controversial and criticized fundraising campaign, claiming she will attempt to have recounts in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, three states where Hillary Clinton lost by small margins to Donald Trump.

Stein wrote it will cost $1.1 million to file for the recount in Wisconsin. The filing paperwork must be submitted by 5 PM local time, less than four hours away, as the Wisconsin Elections Commission has repeatedly tweeted Friday:

The Commission's tweet are almost daring the Stein camp to file.

With 1 hour, 24 minutes left to spare, Stein apparently has made the deadline according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission:

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has issued a lengthy statement detailing the process of the recount.

Note: An earlier version of this report did not account for the time difference and wrongly stated Stein had only 24 minutes left to spare when the petition was filed.  

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