WATCH: Donald Trump Releases Video Detailing His Executive Orders for Day One to ‘Restore Our Laws’


Promises to Remove 'Job-Killing Restrictions' on Oil and Gas Companies

President-elect Donald Trump has just posted a video detailing some of his priorities for his first day in office, which he will accomplish - via executive orders. In other words, he will use the power of the presidency not to work with Congress, which makes the laws, but to accomplish his goals.

After (some would say falsely) claiming that his transition team is working "smoothly," Trump, in his video, says on day one he will withdraw from the Trans Pacific Partnership, an international trade agreement. The president-elect also says he will remove "job-killing restrictions" on oil and gas companies, "including shale energy and clean coal, creating many millions of high-paying jobs," Trump promises.

In other words, Trump will "make America great again" by poisoning our air and water, and, although he doesn't say it in the video, will make America great again by getting rid of healthcare, including Obamacare and Medicare. So, when we're all sick from polluted air and water, we can all use our life savings to pay off our medical bills.

Interestingly, Trump does not mention immigration, his "wall," or Obamacare. 


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