Texas GOP Lawmaker Files North Carolina-Style Bill To Undo Local LGBT Protections


GOP State Sen. Bob Hall Believes Nation Is 'Sliding Into Gomorrah'

Texas tea party Sen. Bob Hall (pictured) has filed legislation that would prohibit cities in the Lone Star State from enforcing nondiscrimination laws protecting LGBT people.

Hall's bill is the first anti-LGBT measure filed in advance of next year's Texas Legislature, which convenes in January. Today marks the first day of pre-filing of bills for the upcoming session, in which dozens of anti-LGBT measures are likely to be considered. 

Senate Bill 92 would prohibit cities, counties and other political subdivisions from adopting or enforcing "a local law that creates a protected classification or prohibits discrimination on a basis not contained in the laws of this state."

Because Texas state law doesn't include sexual orientation or gender identity, cities and counties would be prohibited from enforcing LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances.

Screen_Shot_2016-11-14_at_1.09.18_PM.jpgThree other states — Arkansas, North Carolina and Tennessee — have passed similar laws, but everything's bigger in Texas: Hall's bill would nullify LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination measures covering nearly 9 million residents, or roughly one-third of the state's population, according to Equality Texas.

In addition to LGBT groups, Hall's bill and other discriminatory measures will face opposition from the Texas Association of Business (TAB), which is the state's chamber of commerce. The TAB recently estimated that anti-LGBT legislation could cost the state's economy $8.5 billion and 185,000 jobs. 

Hall filed a similar bill two years ago, and following the 2015 legislative session, Equality Texas ranked him No. 2 on its list of the state's most anti-LGBT senators.

According to The Texas Observer, Hall once said he believes the nation is "sliding into Gomorrah."

"If we do not change what we're doing by changing the leaders when we go to the ballot box, our children and grandchildren may be having to change their leaders with the ammo box," Hall said.



Image via Bob Hall on Facebook



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