Message Left on a Car in North Carolina: ‘Gay Families = Burn in Hell. Trump 2016’



New York Daily News Senior Justice Writer Shaun King on Twitter has been posting reports of attacks on Blacks, Muslims, LGBT people, and other minorities, including a note found on a car in North Carolina.

The message reads: 

"Can't wait until your 'marriage' is overturned by a real president. Gay families = burn in hell. #Trump 2016. #REPENT #GODBLESS"

For same-sex couples, the fear of our marriages being declared null and void by a Trump Supreme Court ruling, or even a Constitutional Amendment has all of a sudden become not only a very real possibility, but the source of tremendous anguish and stress. 

This is far from the only report of hate focused on minorities that has happened in response to Trump's wining the White House. 

A few more via King on Twitter:

Take a look at King's Twitter page for more. 


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