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Donald Trump Spent Saturday Night and Sunday Morning on Twitter Freaking Out About the Recount



On August 1, Trump said if he “didn’t win by massive landslides” he would think the election was rigged. He didn’t.

Donald Trump is freaking out about Jill Stein‘s surprising ability to raise over $6 million to fund recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and he revealed just how scared, angry, and immature he is by taking to Twitter Saturday night and Sunday morning to show his fear.

Step One: Attack Stein’s Green Party recount effort as a “scam,” (which may or may not be accurate,) but then falsely characterize his own Electoral College win by claiming he “badly defeated & demoralized” the Democrats. That’s incredibly false, especially as Hillary Clinton has now earned well over 2.2 million more votes in the national popular vote than he did. 

The irony of course here, too, is extreme, given this week Trump’s Foundation’s tax filings with his signature were revealed, stating Foundation money or assets were illegally given to people ineligible under IRS rules in a practice known as “self-dealing.” Not to mention, Yrump was just forced to settle, for $25 million, three lawsuits against Trump University, a scam of monumental proportions. Up to $1 million in penalties will go to the State of New York for Trump’s violation of state education laws.

Step Two: Sunday morning’s rant:

Trump of course is trying to position himself as a victim and Hillary Clinton as dishonest, which, if he weren’t about to be given the oath of the highest office in the land would be laughable.

A true statesman would welcome the recount as an opportunity to show that our democracy is fully functioning.

But if anything, Trump’s childish attacks and rant over the recount is incredibly hypocritical. After all, this is the man who spent many months promising supporters the election was “rigged.”

On August 1, Trump said if he “didn’t win by massive landslides” he would think the election was rigged. (He didn’t.)

So, were he a statesman, Trump would embrace a recount. And if he didn’t have the ability to do that, he would ignore it.

Instead, he’s acting like a crybaby.

UPDATE: 10:52 AM EST –
It’s important to note that the Clinton campaign did not say anything to support the Stein campaign’s efforts to initiate a recount, despite there being just 107,000 votes across the three states – Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan – that separate her from he White House. But once it was confirmed by the Wisconsin Elections Commission the recount paperwork was filed before Friday’s deadline, making it clear the recount there will happen, the Clinton campaign announced it will “participate” in it, presumably by sending attorneys to monitor the efforts, as is always done during any recount. Trump should too, and you can bet he will. 


Is Trump Nervous? President-Elect, Kellyanne Conway Lash Out at ‘Ridiculous’ Recount Efforts

UPDATED: Wisconsin Elections Commission Basically Calling Jill Stein Out for Not Filing Recount Petition Yet

UPDATED: Jill Stein Breaks $5 Million Mark for Fundraising Recount One Election Law Expert Suggests Is ‘BS’


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‘Snooze Fest’: Internet Mocks Trump’s ‘Extremely Boring’ and ‘Low Energy’ CPAC Speech



White Nationalist One-Term Twice-Impeached Former US President Speaks to Right Wing Group From Nazi-Inspired Stage

For the first time since he incited an insurrection last month the disgraced former American president, Donald Trump, on Sunday delivered what many are calling a “low-energy” and “extremely boring” speech to attendees of CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, in Orlando, Florida late Sunday afternoon.

The ex-president, who started his speech 100 minutes late, looked and sounded far older than he did on January 6, attacking President Joe Biden and insisting that his five weeks performance should be enough for “Democrats to lose the White House” in 2024.

“Actually, as you know, they just lost the White House,” Trump told supporters, adding: “I may even decide to beat them for a third time, who knows?”

The crowd, a mostly over-50 group of white Americans, roared, even though Trump has won only one election, and never the popular vote.

Trump’s speech was very similar to his past stump speeches, filled with racism, white nationalism, and lies about his opponents and the 2020 election that he lost – which he continues to refuse to admit. The “fake news” media, transgender people, and NIH Director Dr. Anthony Fauci were also the target of his attacks.

He also tried to re-instill the perceived victimization of conservatives that fueled his presidency, claiming for example that Americans will no longer be able to hire attorneys because undocumented immigrants are taking them all away from U.S. citizens, which is a lie.

Other lies included that wind energy is bad for the environment,

Some responses:


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Trump Has Left Behind a Republican Party Almost as ‘Toxic’ as He Is: GOP Adviser



According to a report from Politico, Donald Trump may no longer be president but the Republican Party he left behind has been damaged to the point where it has almost become as “toxic” as he is to voters, according to one former top aide to a Republican senator.

As the report notes, high-profile members of the Republican party are still pushing Trump’s “Big lie” that the 2020 election was stolen from him and have made that their focus going forward in lieu of proposing new policies that would allow them to win back the White House and both chambers on Congress.

Writing for Politico, David Siders explained, “Nearly four months after the election and one month into Joe Biden’s presidency, the politics of grievance has become the near-singular organizing principle of the post-Trump GOP. And whether at CPAC or in statehouses across the country, policy prescriptions for restoring so-called voter integrity have emerged as the primary focus of the party’s energy.”

That focus on stopping people from voting could blow up in their faces, but worse still, it means they have no other message for voters other than the fact that they are lingering on Trump’s loss.

Benjamin Ginsberg, a conservative election lawyer asked, “Tell me what the innovative Republican policies have been of late?” before adding it is “probably a sign that the Republican Party is mired in a bit of a policy wasteland and doesn’t know which way to turn to get out.”

According to former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who served in President George W. Bush’s administration, there is no evidence of widespread election fraud and Republicans harping on it is, “a big distraction. And I worry that it will continue to be a big distraction as long as a certain individual makes statements that it was stolen.”

Former Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) adviser Kevin Madden was a bit more blunt in his assessment.

“It is a party that has been fashioned in the mold of Trump — Trump’s message, Trump’s tactics — and it is perfectly comfortable being a party that is defined by what it’s against,” he explained before adding, “… you become almost toxic as a party brand to larger, growing parts of the electorate. … The limitation of a message and a platform that’s just about disagreeing with the opposition is that it doesn’t speak to the broader concerns or anxieties of a big part of the electorate.”

You can read more here.

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Matt Schlapp Lashes Out at Critics of CPAC’s Nazi Symbol Stage Design



The head of the Conservative Political Action Committee on Saturday attacked critics noting CPAC’s stage looks like a Nazi symbol.

Matt Schlapp made his denial after “Nazi” trended nationwide on Twitter as users discussed the stage looking like an Odal rune symbol.

Schlapp, however, did not apologize. Instead he said, “stage design conspiracies are outrageous and slanderous.”

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