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Donald Trump Spent Saturday Night and Sunday Morning on Twitter Freaking Out About the Recount



On August 1, Trump said if he “didn’t win by massive landslides” he would think the election was rigged. He didn’t.

Donald Trump is freaking out about Jill Stein‘s surprising ability to raise over $6 million to fund recounts in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and he revealed just how scared, angry, and immature he is by taking to Twitter Saturday night and Sunday morning to show his fear.

Step One: Attack Stein’s Green Party recount effort as a “scam,” (which may or may not be accurate,) but then falsely characterize his own Electoral College win by claiming he “badly defeated & demoralized” the Democrats. That’s incredibly false, especially as Hillary Clinton has now earned well over 2.2 million more votes in the national popular vote than he did. 

The irony of course here, too, is extreme, given this week Trump’s Foundation’s tax filings with his signature were revealed, stating Foundation money or assets were illegally given to people ineligible under IRS rules in a practice known as “self-dealing.” Not to mention, Yrump was just forced to settle, for $25 million, three lawsuits against Trump University, a scam of monumental proportions. Up to $1 million in penalties will go to the State of New York for Trump’s violation of state education laws.

Step Two: Sunday morning’s rant:

Trump of course is trying to position himself as a victim and Hillary Clinton as dishonest, which, if he weren’t about to be given the oath of the highest office in the land would be laughable.

A true statesman would welcome the recount as an opportunity to show that our democracy is fully functioning.

But if anything, Trump’s childish attacks and rant over the recount is incredibly hypocritical. After all, this is the man who spent many months promising supporters the election was “rigged.”

On August 1, Trump said if he “didn’t win by massive landslides” he would think the election was rigged. (He didn’t.)

So, were he a statesman, Trump would embrace a recount. And if he didn’t have the ability to do that, he would ignore it.

Instead, he’s acting like a crybaby.

UPDATE: 10:52 AM EST –
It’s important to note that the Clinton campaign did not say anything to support the Stein campaign’s efforts to initiate a recount, despite there being just 107,000 votes across the three states – Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan – that separate her from he White House. But once it was confirmed by the Wisconsin Elections Commission the recount paperwork was filed before Friday’s deadline, making it clear the recount there will happen, the Clinton campaign announced it will “participate” in it, presumably by sending attorneys to monitor the efforts, as is always done during any recount. Trump should too, and you can bet he will. 


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GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Says “Everyone” Is to Blame for Capitol Riots



While Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California has previously said that he thinks former President Donald Trump bears some responsibility for the January 6 coup attempt in which his supporters ransacked the Capitol to overturn the election that he and Republicans baselessly claimed was stolen, McCarthy added in a Thursday interview, “I also think everybody across this country has some responsibility [for the coup attempt.]”

McCarthy then said that anti-Trump Democrats, rude social media users, unprepared law enforcement authorities were all responsible too, even though Trump literally told his followers on the morning of January 6 to march to the Capitol and fight to stop legislators from approving the election victory of now-President Joe Biden. 

“I think this is what we have to get to the bottom of, and when you start talking about who has responsibilities,” McCarthy said. “I think there’s going to be a lot more questions, a lot more answers we have to have in the coming future.”

It’s especially telling that his Senate counterpart, now-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has directly blamed Trump for the riots.

“The mob was fed lies,” McConnell said Wednesday. “They were provoked by the president and other powerful people, and they tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government which they did not like.” 

After months of making baseless claims that a national conspiracy of widespread voter fraud stole the election from him, a claim laughed out of courts 60 times over for lack of evidence by judges that Trump himself appointed, Trump held a “Stop the Steal” rally on the morning of January 6 in which he said, that he won the election “by a landslide” and encouraged his followers to “stop the steal” by going to the Capitol. If people don’t “fight like hell,” Trump said, “you’re not going to have a country anymore.”

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Russia Explodes with Protests Against Putin Poisoning and Jailing His Biggest Opponent



Russian citizens in 38 cities are protesting the country’s sham elections in which Russian President Vladimir Putin has felt so threatened by the opposition candidate, anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny, that he has had him imprisoned and poisoned in an attempt to silence his voice and kill his movement.

The Russian presidential elections are a complete sham used to legitimate Putin’s power. In the last election, Putin “won” nearly 77 percent of the vote amid claims of ballot stuffing, the Kremlin choosing which candidates get to run, police arresting any anti-Putin protesters and pro-Putin candidates receiving far more financial backing than his opponents.

Navalny himself, a popular anti-corruption campaigner who is one of Putin’s most outspoken critics, according to The Week, has previously been barred from running due to a trumped-up and controversial fraud conviction allegedly masterminded by Putin. In August 2020, Navalny was poisoned with a nerve agent called Novichok and survived his hospitalization. Navalny has said he got a Russian federal agent to reveal how he was poisoned, though the Kremlin has denied any involvement.

Three days ago, Navalny was jailed once more for allegedly violating his parole. He now inhabits Matrosskaya Tishina or Sailor’s Silence, a jail in Moscow’s north-east region that has housed high-ranking prisoners that authorities have wanted to cut off from the outside world since the Soviet era, according to Reuters. The jail is notoriously deadly.

Russian citizens across the nation have seemingly had enough and have begun protesting his imprisonment, as the videos below attest. Hundreds have been arrested as police fight to maintain control.

The U.S. Embassy in Russia has weighed in by saying, “We’re watching reports of protests in 38 Russian cities, arrests of 350+ peaceful protesters and journalists. The U.S. supports the right of all people to peaceful protest, freedom of expression. Steps being taken by Russian authorities are suppressing those rights.”

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GOP Rep Andy Harris Tried to Bring a Concealed Gun Into the Capitol House Chamber



Andy Harris, Maryland, gun, capitol

Republican Representative Andy Harris of Maryland was recently prevented from entering the House chamber at the U.S. Capitol after a metal detector indicated that he had a concealed gun on him while trying to enter, something that is forbidden by security rules.

A spokesperson for Harris said, “As a matter of public record, he has a Maryland handgun permit and the congressman always complies with the house metal detectors and wanding. The congressman has never carried a firearm on the House floor.”

However, it’s remarkable that Harris tried it at all, as Democratic legislators say that they have felt increasingly unsafe around their Republican colleagues in the day following the Republican-led January 6 coup attempt in which insurrectionists stormed the Capitol in hopes of killing those who refused to give former President Donald Trump an undeserved second term.

About 139 House Republicans and 8 Senate Republicans voted on January 6 against certifying Biden’s Electoral College victory. While some have admitted off-the-record that they only voted that way in fear of being targeted for violence by Trump’s supporters, one Republican in particular, Congresswoman and QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, has previously suggested that she herself would personally gun down the progressive female House members of color known as “the Squad.”

The House had metal detectors installed following the January 6 coup attempt, but Republicans began walking past them and ignoring guards stationed at them. In response, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said any politicians who do such things will be fined $5,000 or more.

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