Trump Tells His Supporters Clinton’s Bodyguards Should Disarm: ‘Let’s See What Happens to Her’


More Incitement of Violence?...

Donald Trump Friday afternoon told a crowd of supporters that Hillary Clinton wants to take their guns, so her own bodyguards should disarm so we can see what happens to her. 

"She wants to destroy your Second Amendment," Trump told supporters as they booed. "Guns, guns, guns, right?"

"I think what we should do - she goes around with armed bodyguards like you have never seen before," Trump claimed. "I think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. They should disarm, right?"

"Immediately, what do you think?," he said, apparently pointing to an audience member. "Take their guns away. She doesn't want guns," he said.

"Let's see what happens to her."

"Take their guns away. It'd be very dangerous."

Trump made similar remarks in August when he made his infamous "Second Amendment people" remarks.

For the record, Hillary Clinton has clearly stated she does not want to take people's guns away, and Donald Trump had a disastrous day, so he's defaulting to his regular MO when he does: change the conversation, get attention, distract, get people to forget about the terrible thing he just did.

Fortunately, the media today finally learned their lesson.

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