Fox News Commentator Tells Conservative Christians They Must Support Anti-Gay Hate Groups (Video)


Todd Starnes Says Evangelical Christians 'Have a Friend at the Fox News Corner of the World'

Todd Starnes says evangelical Christians must support anti-gay hate groups. The Fox News commentator, speaking Friday afternoon at the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit, told supporters that they must support anti-gay hate groups.

Starnes, who began his address by mocking liberals in his hometown of Brooklyn, said, "the most important place that we can fight the culture war is in our homes. We must set a godly example for our children and our grandchildren. Teach them right from wrong," as Media Matters reports. Later he would mock what he called, "left-wing, liberal, wack-a-doodle nonsense."

"Support groups like Family Research Council and American Family Association and First Liberty," he urged. The Family Research Council and American Family Association both appear on the Southern Poverty Law Center's list of active anti-gay hate groups.

With a hat tip to Franklin Graham, the long-time Fox News columnist who often takes his battles to "Fox & Friends," went on to claim that "there is a deep-seated antagonism and hostility towards Christianity."

"Consider the evidence," he implored, readying the audience for his attack on LGBT people. "Right is wrong, wrong is right. The Supreme Court redefined what God defined," apparently referring to same-sex marriage.

"In recent days we have seen Christian Americans hauled into court and thrown into jail, bullied and slandered by those who preached tolerance and diversity," Starnes charged, again attacking the LGBT community. "It has become open season on gun-toting Bible-clingers in America," he claimed.

"We've gone from the greatest generation to the entitlement generation," Starnes continued. "Instead of creating and innovating, many Americans are hunkered down in their safe spaces, waxing poetically about gender fluidity and taking selfies and debating which lives matter and which lives do not. The country's gone plum nuts, folks!"



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