Trump: I Will Deport 2 Million Criminal Aliens: ‘My First Hour in Office – These People Are Gone’


Trump's 'Detailed Immigration Policy' Speech Sounds More Like A Neo-Nazi Anti-Immigrant Hate Speech

Fresh from his trip speaking with the President of Mexico, Donald Trump flew to the home state of anti-immgrant hate, Arizona, to deliver a speech his new campaign managers framed as a detailed immigration policy speech.

Instead, after a few minutes of trying to sound presidential, Trump went off the teleprompter and delivered what many on Twitter said sounded like one with strong overtones of Neo-Naziism.

At one point Trump, after spending minutes painting Mexican immigrants as criminals, said, ""Maybe they'll be able to deport her" Hillary Clinton.

The "them" are what Trump told his audience are the 2 million "criminal aliens" that the Obama administration, he falsely claimed, refuses to deport out of "political correctness."

"My first hour in office - those people are gone," Trump promised the crowd. "The crime will stop." 

The majority of Trump's speech, which he is still delivering as of this writing, is a direct assault on all immigrants, in the U.S. legally or not. Trump also is making clear any immigrant in the U.S. who is here and can be deported for any reason will be. This is not just a promise to deport the 11 million who are undocumented, this is a promise to reduce the number of immigrants, period.

Some responses via Twitter:


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