Gay Republicans Rejoice Over “LGBTQ for Trump” Campaign T-Shirts


GOP Nominee Continues to Court Gay Voters Despite Rabidly Anti-LGBT Policy Positions

Despite the GOP nominee's opposition to their most basic civil rights, some gay Republicans are fawning over new "LGBTQ for Trump" merchandise on Donald Trump's campaign website. 

The T-shirts (pictured) are available for $30, but apparently only in men's sizes, while buttons bearing the same slogan can be had for $5: 

Trump opposes marriage equality and has expressed support for horrific anti-LGBT legislation, including the so-called First Amendment Defense Act and North Carolina's House Bill 2. The GOP presidential nominee was recently endorsed by the founder of two anti-LGBT hate groups, and gave $100,000 to a church pastored by the leader of a third.

GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence, the Indiana governor whose name appears on the back of the "LGBTQ for Trump" T-shirts, is one of the nation's most prominent anti-LGBT conservatives and signed the Hoosier State's heinous Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2015. 

Sadly, though, it's not only Trump's gay supporters who've overlooked the nominee's rabidly anti-LGBT positions. Reporters in the mainstream media have been doing so, too — apparently fooled by his token references to LGBT rights in campaign speeches, including at the Republican National Convention.   

Who knows, maybe the "LGBTQ for Trump" merchandise will serve as an opportunity for those journalists to clarify previous reports by emphasizing the inherent hypocrisy of Trump courting gay voters. The merchandise might also backfire by inspiring LGBT supporters of Democrat Hillary Clinton to purchase Pride-themed items available on her campaign site

A few more reactions from Twitter:  

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