Trump Campaign: We’re Selling ‘LGBTQ for Trump’ Shirts Because ISIS is Targeting Gays


Human Rights Campaign Slams Merchandise as 'Pandering,' Says Community Needs Real Leadership

A Donald Trump spokesman said Monday the campaign is selling "LGBTQ for Trump" T-shirts because ISIS is targeting the gay community.

Trump spokesman Boris Epshteyn also claimed Democrat Hillary Clinton has "a terrible record" on LGBT rights, pointing to the fact that she didn't support marriage equality during her 2008 presidential campaign. However, in an interview on CNN, Epshteyn was unable to say what Trump plans to do, aside from selling T-Shirts, to demonstrate his support for gay rights. 

When anchor Victor Blackwell brought up vice presidential nominee Mike Pence's horrific record on LGBT issues, Epshteyn responded by saying Trump is at the top of the ticket and "has spoken to the LGBT community throughout his lifetime." 

"When the horrible shooting in Orlando happened, he said that ISIS specifically is targeting the gay/LGBT community," Epshteyn said. "So, this is a candidate who's very open to all communities, including this one, so we should be celebrating this, because it is revolutionary almost for a Republican to be doing this kind of outreach." 

The Human Rights Campaign's JoDee Winterhoff responded that while Clinton now supports marriage equality, Trump has said he would appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn Obergefell, and expressed support for horrific anti-LGBT legislation including North Carolina's House Bill 2. She also said it was "amazing" for Epshteyn to bring up Orlando, given that during a recent visit to the city, rather than visiting with the families of Pulse victims, Trump attended an anti-LGBT event. 

"We're at a time in our country where we need leadership in the White House. We don't need to be pandered to," Winterhoff said. "We don't need him putting out a T-shirt or a button, we need him to lead, and so far he is not leading on any of our issues." 

Watch the segment here

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