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Texas AG Ken Paxton Finally Agrees to Meet One of His Young Transgender Victims



‘It’s Never Too Late,’ Says Amber Briggle, Who Invited Anti-LGBT Official to Dinner With Her 8-Year-Old Son

Three months after filing a lawsuit that effectively seeks to legalize discrimination against transgender schoolchildren, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has agreed to meet with one of the affected families. 

On Sunday, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor granted Paxton’s request for a nationwide injunction barring the Obama administration from acting on its position — which happens to be based on decades of case law — that trans students are protected under Title IX, a 1972 federal law prohibiting discrimination based on sex in education. 

At a press conference announcing the lawsuit in May, Paxton refused to say whether he believes trans students even exist, as documented by Odessa American reporter Nathaniel Miller: 

Later that day, Amber Briggle invited both Paxton and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick — who’s also said he doesn’t know any trans people — to meet with her family, including her 8-year-old trans son, MG.  

“Come have dinner with us,” Briggle said at an Equality Texas press conference responding to the lawsuit. “Come to church with us. Come to my son’s basketball games and watch how he interacts with his friends and his little sister. I think you’ll both find there are a lot of similarities to when you were 8-year-old boys.”

During an interview about the judge’s injunction Monday, reporter Julie Fine asked Paxton if he’d accept Briggle’s longstanding invitation. 

“I’m happy to do that,” Paxton responded.  

Briggle later told The New Civil Rights Movement she planned to follow up with Paxton’s office Tuesday morning. 

“It’s never too late, though I wish he would have taken me up on my offer last spring when I originally invited him,” Briggle said. “The Texas Legislature is in session soon. This could make a small (but hopefully significant) difference.”  

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‘Complicit’: Ex-Trump DHS Counterterrorism Head Slams President’s ‘Dangerous’ Refusal to Condemn White Supremacists



President Donald Trump is being widely condemned for his refusal Tuesday night to condemn white supremacists. Instead of condemning the extremists, the president took control of a group of neo-fascist nationalistic violence-promoters known as the “Proud Boys.”

One of Trump’s top critics is a counterterrorism expert who saw Trump’s actions up close and first hand. She says Trump is already “complicit in the deaths of Americans.”

Elizabeth Neumann served as President Trump’s Assistant Secretary for Threat Prevention and Security Policy at the Dept. of Homeland Security until several months ago.

Today she is blasting Trump for his “dangerous” refusal to condemn white supremacists, and says “white supremacist groups & the Proud Boys have been energized by his comments.”

Neumann is cautioning that the “root ideologies at play are responsible for the [Oklahoma] City Bombing,” a 1995 domestic terrorism attack that killed at least 168 people, including children, and injured nearly 700 others.

President Trump’s comments “fall into both the ‘first-hand’ and ‘dangerous’ category,” Neumann says. “I served at DHS as the Asst Secretary for Counterterrorism from 2018-2020. The surge of violent white nationalism happened on my watch.”

Neumann looks at her first-hand experience with Trump to offer some disturbing history.

“I worked to develop policies, laws, and programs to better prevent domestic terrorism. My colleagues & I tried to educate the President and his staff on this threat. Initially, I thought the rebuffing was due to having other priorities (e.g., defeat ISIS, counter Iran, etc).”

And then, a devastating realization.

“He instead told these groups to ‘Stand Back and Stand By’. Online activity shows white supremacist groups & the Proud Boys have been energized by his comments as a rallying cry to attack ‘ANTIFA’ and ‘left-wing’ groups. They’ve already created a logo with those words.”

She’s absolutely correct.

Neumann is the co-founder of Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform (RePAIR), and has endorsed Joe Biden for president.

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Image by U.S. Customs and Border Protection/Donna Burton via Flickr 

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‘Their Strategy Now Is Very Clear’: MSNBC’s Heilemann Explains How Trump Will Exploit COVID-19 to Steal the Election



MSNBC’s John Heilemann warned that President Donald Trump doesn’t even seem to be trying to win a fair election anymore, and instead is exploiting the coronavirus pandemic to steal the election.

The “Morning Joe” contributor said the president was trying to widen the partisan gap between in-person and mail-in voting so he can challenge any vote that’s not physically cast on Nov. 3.

“Their strategy now is very clear, which is to try to win in enough battleground states the Election Day vote, and that I think is what’s going on here,” Heilemann said.

Many voters are casting their ballots by mail due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Heilemann said Republicans are exploiting the partisan divide in concerns about the deadly virus.

“We already know there’s a disparity between Republicans and Democrats in terms of who’s willing to put health concerns aside and show up on Election Day, stand in a long line, go and vote in person,” Heilemann said. “We know there’s this giant disparity. Democrats are going to vote early and by mail. Republicans are going to show up on Election Day.”

Republicans are concerned that Trump’s attacks on mail-in voting will discourage GOP voters from casting their ballots that way, but Heilemann said that’s exactly what the president wants.

“Trump has focused explicitly on, how do I win the gameday vote?” he said. “How do I get my core base supporters to come out on Election Day, so on the gameday vote, I can put a flag in the ground and say, I won Pennsylvania on Election Day, in-person voting, and then after Election Day, all of those other votes, those tens of millions of votes that come in by mail, that have come in early, many of which are not going to be counted until after Election Day, then engage in a knife fight in the counting rooms, in the validation-certification process, in the courts, in the Electoral College, in the House of Representatives, ultimately.”

“The Trump campaign thinks the fight for the presidency is not — we all say, hey, Election Day’s early, people are voting early right now,” he added. “They say, we don’t care about that, we’re going to contend that all of that was illegitimate, and for us, Election Day starts on Election Day and continues until Jan. 20. That’s where the fight is going to happen.”

Trump is purposefully pushing conspiracy theories about mail-in voting and stoking the possibility of polling place violence because he needs Democrats to stay home on Election Day to claim a narrow win based on higher GOP turnout, according to Heilemann said.

“What’s the Proud Boys thing about?” he said. “It’s about their increasing conviction that there is going to be civil unrest in the country between — I’m talking about their conviction. This is not a left-wing, partisan conspiracy theory. Within Trump’s inner circle, within Trump’s councils of power, within the influential people on the outside, like Steve Bannon, they now talk about the war starts the day after Election Day. The fight is between Nov. 4 and Jan. 20, and some of that fight is going to be, as I said, in counting rooms, in the courts, in the House of Representatives, and, potentially, in the streets, and i think they are getting ready for that fight, and they are in some respects realizing it’s the only path to the presidency for him.”

“It’s going to be really ugly,” Heilemann added. “That’s what Trump said last night, this is not going to be pretty. This is going to be ugly.”


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Trump Couldn’t Condemn White Supremacists. He Told Far Right Extremists ‘Proud Boys’ to ‘Stand By’ – They’re Cheering



The Proud Boys are cheering.

The group that calls themselves the “Proud Boys,” and claim to be “western chauvinists” but have been called a far right extremist, neo-fascist, misogynistic, transphobic, Islamophobic, and white nationalist hate group that promotes violence, just got a major show of support from President Donald Trump.

During Tuesday night’s presidential debate Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked the President – who has a long and ugly history of racism, white nationalism, and some say white supremacism – to condemn white supremacists.

He couldn’t.

Ultimately, he told the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.”

The group took to the social media platform Parler, which has become home to white supremacists, conservatives, and anti-Semites, and cheered. New York Times correspondent Mike Baker, who has been doing excellent work in Portland, tweeted out screenshots immediately after Trump’s remarks.

Clearly they’re ready for action – and awaiting orders from the president.

Journalist Jonathan Katz says Trump didn’t condemn, he gave an order:

Media Matters’ senior researcher Alex Kaplan reports the Proud Boys immediately incorporated Trump’s orders into their logo:

CNN Security Correspondent Josh Campbell notes the language Trump used means “remain ready and alert.”

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) says Trump didn’t just refuse to denounce white supremacists, he cheered them on.

The Anti-Defamation League’s Jonathan Greenblatt says Trump owes Americans an apology or an explanation:


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