Founder of Two of America’s Most Damaging and Dangerous Anti-Gay Groups Endorses Trump (Video)


James Dobson Is Asking Americans to Elect Trump So He Can Put Conservative Justices on the Supreme Court

The founder of Focus on the Family and the anti-gay hate group Family Research Council on Thursday recorded a video announcing he is endorsing Donald Trump for President. Dr. James Dobson, the 80-year old psychologist who has spent a large portion of his career fighting against the civil rights of LGBT people urged Americans to elect the Republican businessman because "Mr. Trump has promised to nominate conservative justices to the United States Supreme Court."

Dr. Dobson, who earlier this year expressed sadness that men aren't shooting transgender people - whom he suggested are all "perverts" - when they use restrooms that correspond with their gender identity, told viewers that he is certain that Trump and his vice presidential running mate Mike Pence "will provide the leadership that this nation most desperately needs," as Right Wing Watch reported.

Dobson in 2012 blamed the deaths of 20 first-grade children and six school officials during the Sandy Hook massacre on same-sex marriage. His endorsement of Trump should comes as little surprise. Trump named Dobson to his newly-formed Evangelical Executive Advisory Board, along with other far-right religious extremists like Michele Bachmann, back in June.

Trump has repeatedly, and falsely, claimed he would be the best president for the LGBT community.

In response to Dobson's endorsement, Holy Bullies' Alvin McEwen asks, "Need any more proof that a. Donald Trump isn't a friend to the lgbt community like he claims to be and b. all of the talk from religious right groups and figures about "traditional values " is just a bunch of bunk?"

Dobson's wife Shirley, Who describes herself as "a Christian mother and grandmother," also endorsed Trump, in this video posted by Right Wing Watch:


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