Donald Trump Just Literally Retweeted a Story by the ‘Stupidest Man on the Internet’


What Would He Do As Commander in Chief?

Jim Hoft runs a popular far right wing blog, The Gateway Pundit, and has been named the "stupidest man on the internet" by several websites, including the satirical (but excellent!) Wonkette, along with the also excellent sites Crooks and Liars and Little Green Footballs, among others. Hoft has also been named the "dumbest man in the internet" by Joe.My.God. and others.

So, naturally, Donald Trump just retweeted a story from Hoft - a poorly-written piece with virtually no facts to back it up, about a fire marshal allegedly turning away "thousands" of Trump supporters from a rally, aka, doing his job if the event space was full. Hoft didn't bother to offer any details, of course.

Remember, Trump is the "law and order candidate," until he's not.

But again, let's remember, Donald Trump is now tweeting anti-Semitic memes, retweeting white supremacists, and yes, retweeting stories from the "stupidest man on the internet." 


Making America great again... 

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