Kim Davis Flouts The Law – Again – As Liberty Counsel Withholds Attorney-Client Records


Kentucky AG Says Clerk, Anti-LGBT Hate Group Violated Open Records Act By Refusing to Turn Over Documents

It's well documented that Rowan County (Kentucky) Clerk Kim Davis broke the law by refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples following the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Obergefell

But now it appears Davis (pictured, center) and the Liberty Counsel, an anti-LGBT hate group, also violated the state's Open Records Act when they refused to provide documents to state officials related to their attorney-client agreement. 

The Office of the Attorney General released an opinion Tuesday saying the Liberty Counsel should have turned over the documents for state officials to review privately, following a request from the Washington, D.C.-based Campaign for Accountability

The Liberty Counsel had refused to release the documents to the Campaign for Accountability, which sought them as part of a project monitoring the "religious freedom" group's activities nationwide. The Campaign for Accountability appealed to the attorney general, which sought to review the documents privately to determine whether they fall under attorney-client privilege and other exemptions, as the Liberty Counsel alleged. 

However, the Liberty Counsel refused to even provide the documents to the attorney general's office for a private review. 

"An agency cannot benefit from intentionally frustrating the attorney general's review of an open records request. Such result would subvert the General Assembly's intent behind providing review by the attorney general," Assistant Attorney General Matt Jones wrote in the office's opinion, according to the The Lexington Herald-Leader

Liberty Counsel Preisdent Mat Staver (pictured, right) said the group has not decided whether to appeal the ruling, adding that it provided legal services to Davis for free. 

"There's nothing to reveal here," Staver said.

In related news, a man has filed a federal lawsuit against Davis for denying him a license to marry his laptop, the Herald-Leader reports. 


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