Donald Trump Tweets Attack on Hillary Clinton With an Image of the Star of David and Dollar Bills


UPDATE: Trump Deletes Original, Replaces Without Star of David - Many Calling the Attack Anti-Semitic

Donald Trump Saturday morning tweeted an image of Hillary Clinton in front of a pile of $100 dollar bills, with a Star of David and the word "history" that read in full, "History Made, Most Corrupt Candidate Ever."

Many are responding via Twitter calling it anti-Semitic. It's unclear why Trump would use the Star of David, also referred to as the "Jewish Star," in the image, but it reeks of old anti-Jewish attacks during Hitler's rise to power, and an ugly and false belief among some - mostly neo-Nazis today - that Jewish people control all the wealth in the world. 

UPDATE: Trump deletes the original tweet: See screenshot below of original. 

The original tweet with the Star of David was posted at 6:37 AM. The tweet was deleted and Trump then posted a similar one without the Star of David, around 11 AM.

On Twitter among the first to respond were journalists, including Ana Marie Cox of GQ and The New York Times:

Josh Marshall, founder of Talking Points Memo:

David A. Graham of The Atlantic:

Denouncements were not limited to those on the left.

Kyle Foley of the very right wing RedState:

Republican strategist Patrick Ruffini noted the image is a "dog whistle" to the "alt-right," aka anti-immigrant and white supremacists:

Republican Josh Barro of Business Insider:



Here's the tweet he replaced the original with:

It must be stated clearly and without hesitation that this completes Trump's ties to the far right wing of the GOP, the anti-Semites, the neo-Nazis, and the white supremacists. They are now one and the same. 

Surprise (Not)! Donald Trump's Anti-Semitic Meme Was Created by Neo-Nazi White Supremacists


Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license
Hat tip: The Hill





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