The Speaker of the House Just Called Democrats’ Efforts to Pass Gun Control ‘A Publicity Stunt’


Ten Days After 49 People Slaughtered in Orlando Terror Attack

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan just told CNN that Democratic efforts to vote and (hopefully) pass gun control legislation is just "a publicity stunt."

House Democrats since this morning have been literally sitting on the floor of the House, staging a sit in, and refusing to leave until House Republicans, namely, Speaker Ryan, allows a vote on gun control.

At 6 PM, as the Republican conference held an emergency meeting to try to decide how to handle the Democratic insurgency, Speaker Ryan took to CNN and called the civil disobedience act by nearly 100 Democrats trying to save lives by enacting legislation to curb America's gun violence epidemic, a "publicity stunt."

"This is nothing more than a publicity stunt," Ryan told CNN's Wolf Blitzer. "This is not about a solution to a problem. This is about trying to get attention." 

In fact, it is about a solution to a problem, the problem being that every day, 89 people die from gun violence, 2677 children every year die from gun violence, and 32,514 people die every year from gun violence in America.

Speaker Ryan claims the "issue at hand" is "terrorism." 

See above.


Speaker Ryan just posted this to Twitter. 

Some on Twitter are not happy with the Speaker's tweet:



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