Here’s the Proof of Donald Trump’s Failures, Corruption, Scams And Mob Ties You’ve Been Asking for, Trolls


To All Who Deny Trump's a Bad Businessman, Corrupt, a Scam Artist, Has Mob Ties, and Say, 'Prove It,' You're Welcome

Proof Donald Trump's a Terrible Businessman:

Proof Donald Trump's a Corrupt Thug and Charlatan:

Trump University:

Trump Institute:

Scamming Veterans:

Scams & Fleecing the Government:

Real Estate Corruption, Scams & Thuggery: 

Corruption & Fraud:

The Movie Trump Doesn't Want You to See:

Mid-East Business Ties:


Here's the Proof of Donald Trump's Racism, Sexism & Anti-Gay Rhetoric You've Been Asking for, Trolls


Here's the Proof That Donald Trump's a Pathological Liar You've Been Asking for, Trolls


Here's the Proof of Trump's Fascist Tendencies & Neo-Nazi Support You've Been Asking for, Trolls


Here's the Proof of Mike Pence's Anti-Women, Anti-Gay, & Anti-Science Record You've Been Asking for, Trolls


This repository is a work-in-progress. It will be updated and new sections will be added as new information becomes available.


Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr and a CC license

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