Anti-LGBT Group Launches National Campaign Featuring Disgusting Houston ‘Bathroom’ Ad


'Campaign for USA' Calls Trans People 'Sexual Deviants,' 'Perverts' Who Want to Recruit Children 'Into the Homosexual Lifestyle'

A Houston-based anti-LGBT hate group has launched a national ad campaign against retailer Target featuring a remake of the disgusting TV spot that effectively deceived voters into repealing the city's Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) last November.  

Steve Hotze and Jared Woodfill, both key players in the anti-HERO "Campaign for Houston," say they plan to spend $2 million on their "Campaign for USA," which calls for people to boycott Target over its policy, announced in April, allowing trans people to use restrooms and dressing rooms according to their gender identity in its stores. 

Here's the new ad, which ignores that existing laws already outlaw predatory behavior:

Hotze, who bankrolled the anti-HERO campaign, leads the Conservative Republicans of Texas, which was named an anti-LGBT hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center earlier this year, in response to its promulgation of the transgender bathroom myth. Woodfill, an attorney who served as spokesman for the anti-HERO campaign, recently lost his bid — which was built almost entirely around opposition to LGBT rights — for chair of the Republican Party of Texas. 

The Campaign for USA website falsely alleges that Target's policy "means that any man can say he feels like a woman and use the women's bathrooms." 

"Just because a man feels like and thinks he is a women, does not make him a woman, any more than thinking he is a dog, would make him a dog," the site states. "The whole concept of 'transgender' of course is absurd and irrational. Those who practice this behavior or enable it have adopted perverted thinking."


The Campaign for USA, which is using the same "No Men in Women's Bathrooms" graphic (above) from the anti-HERO campaign, calls for people to sign a pledge to boycott Target, and to encourage state and federal lawmakers to pass anti-trans bathroom legislation. At the bottom of the Campaign for USA site is a link to a donation page for Conservative Republicans of Texas. 

"The term transgender is a euphemism, a weaker alternative, for the term pervert, in order to make the behavior seem more acceptable," the site states.

"Men who dress up like women and want to use women's bathrooms, showers and locker rooms are sexual deviants and perverts. The LGBT homosexual political movement wants to force society, under the penalty of law, to accept, affirm as normal, and celebrate the perverted homosexual lifestyle and the deviant behavior of men who claim to be women," it goes on to claim.

"The goal of the LGBT is to destroy all Biblical moral absolutes and create sexual anarchy in society. The LGBT political movement wants it mandated that this wicked lifestyle be taught to children in school, starting in Kindergarten, and that children be encouraged to experiment with homosexual and transvestite behavior. The goal is to break down the children's consciences, so that they can more easily be recruited into the homosexual lifestyle." 

According to Houston's KTRK-TV, the anti-trans Target ad — which shows a cisgender man following a young girl into a bathroom stall — will begin airing across Texas over the next three months. 

After voters overwhelmingly repealed HERO in November, some LGBT advocates criticized local TV stations for airing the anti-trans bathroom ad, given that it constitutes hate speech that is provably false. So it will be interesting to see whether stations in Austin, Dallas and other parts of the state and nation are willing to take a stand against Hotze and Woodfill's fear-mongering lies. 

Watch KTRK's report above. 


Image: Screenshot via ConservativeRepubTX/YouTube



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