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WATCH: Director of Anti-LGBT Group Just Can’t – or Won’t – Say Which Restroom Trans Woman Should Use



During Seven Minute Interview Family Research Council Legal and Policy Issues Director Cannot Bring Himself to Say ‘Women’s Room’ or ‘Men’s Room’

Travis Weber cannot or will not say which public restroom Jennifer Finney Boylan should use. Professor Boylan is a transgender woman who on “Hardball” Friday night said her birth certificate identifies her as a man. Weber, the Director of the Center for Religious Liberty at Family Research Council, sat before MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and repeatedly refused to state specifically which restroom he thinks Boylan should use when out in public.

“Travis, tell Jenny what bathroom she should use?,” Matthews asked.

“Yeah, well, you know, I’m not sure…,” Weber responded. Weber is an attorney. He “focuses on all manner of legal and policy issues pertaining to religious freedom,” and has litigated federal civil rights cases, according to his FRC bio.

“Well, just answer that question,” Matthews requested.

“I think people –,” Weber continued, until Matthews interrupted.

“She said she would not be comfortable, or, could cause some problem if she walked into a men’s room,” Matthews noted. “Should she walk into a men’s room?”

“I think we can do things the way we’ve done them for decades, and people can use bathrooms according to biological sex, with specific accommodation made for people who have a genuine issue,” Weber said, not answering the question.

Matthews again, interrupting, asks specifically, “What should a transgender person who identifies as a woman do, what bathroom should they go to? Just keep it simple,” Matthews again requests.

“They can use the bathroom of their biological sex except when there’s a genuine issue and an accommodation can be made.”

“What does that mean?,” Matthews asked.

Mentioning gender dysphoria, Weber then launched into a claim that “the law allows for people to show up and say, ‘My gender expression is the opposite sex.’ This allows for abuse and all of a sudden you have a lot of problems.”

Weber then incorrectly claimed, “a boy who says I’m expressing myself as a girl – locker room’s open to them, under the Obama decree today.”

He went on to insist that “boys around the country” will be saying, “I’m a girl today.”

Asked when it’s ever happened, Weber first claimed “it’s happening in school districts out in the mid-West.” He then described a lawsuit in the Chicago area where girls and their families are suing because actual transgender students – not boys who say, “I’m a girl today” – are using the restrooms of their gender identity.

Asked where a boy has abused the rights of transgender dignity, Weber ultimately pointed to a gender neutral policy in the University of Toronto, in Canada, where “a guy was in there filming the girls.” 

Which, again, has nothing to do with transgender people or policies.

Boylan chastised him for having to go outside the country to try to find a legitimate example of a problem, which he was unable to do even then.

“This is a solution in search of a problem,” Boylan said, of laws like North Carolina’s HB2, which bans trangender people from using public restrooms that correspond with their gender identity.

After Boylan asked Weber and others to “open your hearts,” and offer “the respect and dignity that we all deserve as citizens of this country,” Matthews again asked Weber the question he cannot and will not answer.

“What should Jenny do if she’s visiting North Carolina? Should she go to the men’s room?”

“Well,” Weber begins, as he is literally squirming.

“You’re dodging the toughest question,” Matthews observes. “What do you want people to behave like? What should she do? She should go to the men’s room?”

After Matthews’ repeated asking, Weber says, “She can use an accommodation bathroom that’s a single-use bathroom that would protect the privacy interests…”

“That’s gobbledegook,” Boylan responds. “That means nothing.” She says because she has an “M” on her birth certificate, forcing her to use the men’s room makes her unsafe.

“Transgender people do not deserve to be made more unsafe,” she continued, saying that transgender people are a “small but unfairly maligned group of people. We wish to be left alone. We wish to be treated like anybody else. And that’s what the Obama administration’s policy does.”

Weber said he agrees with Boylan about being treated with love and respect, but by the end of the interview, he still would not say – or could not say – which restroom she she use.

It should be noted that Weber’s employer, the Family Research Council, is a certified anti-gay hate group. On Friday, FRC president Tony Perkins called for President Barack Obama to be impeached for directing all public schools to allow transgender students to use the restroom that corresponds with their gender identity.

Watch above.

Kathy Griffin weighed in after the show:

More responses via Twitter:



Image: Screenshot via MSNBC

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“She is the Worst”: AZ Senator Kyrsten Sinema Leaves the Democratic Party



After causing years of obstruction within her own party, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) has announced she’s leaving the Democratic Party to register as an Independent.

“I know some people might be a little bit surprised by this, but actually, I think it makes a lot of sense,” she said in a Thursday CNN interview.

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“Despite celebrating the releases of other Americans imprisoned while he was in office, Donald Trump didn’t publicly utter Whelan’s name even once as president,” Scarborough continued. “This is according to a review of public remarks and tweets, carried out by The Independent. Trump clearly had the power to negotiate a prisoner swap deal, however, never was this evident in 2020, when he negotiated with, get this, not with his friend Putin to get Paul Whelan home. He didn’t give a damn that Putin arrested Whelan and let him rot in jail. Instead, no, he was negotiating with the Taliban, and he freed up 5,000 Taliban terrorists. What did he get in exchange? Nothing, he got nothing in exchange and he wanted to actually invite the Taliban, the people who actually allowed the 9/11 attacks to happen, to be launched from their country, he invited them on Sept. 11 to Camp David.”

“When these idiot, and they are total idiots, when these idiots going around talking about Joe Biden being a bad negotiator, they are literally talking in defense of with Donald Trump — the biggest loser, the worst negotiator we have ever had,” Scarborough added. “He falls in love with dictators in North Korea, he completely kowtows to Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, and he doesn’t even give a damn about Paul Whelan, lets him rot in jail for three years while Biden and [secretary of state Tony] Blinken and this administration are working their tails off to try to get him home.”

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‘Don’t Say Gay’ Florida GOP Lawmaker Quits One Day After Pleading Not Guilty to Federal Felony Fraud Charges



Joe Harding, the Florida Republican state representative who authored the highly-controversial and some say unconstitutional “Don’t Say Gay” law has just resigned, one day after pleading “not guilty” and assuring his constituents on social media he is working “for a fair and just resolution” to federal felony fraud and money laundering charges.

Harding’s resignation also comes one day after he was stripped of his committee assignments, and is effective immediately, Florida Politics reports.

The charges involve a COVID-related Small Business Administration loan for $150,000, according to the Dept. of Justice, which notes if convicted on all charges he could get 35 years in prison.

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“I want the public and my constituents to know that I fully repaid the loan and cooperated with investigators as requested,” Harding told his constituents via Facebook on Wednesday. “On advice from counsel, I will be unable to say anything more specific about the legal proceedings until a later date and refer any questions or concerns related to this matter to my attorney. I ask that you keep me and my family in your prayers as we work for a fair and just resolution. Thank you, and may God bless you.”

Also on Wednesday Harding shuttered his Twitter account.

In another statement Harding wrote: “To my many colleagues that have reached out to me, including many I have deep policy disagreements with, thank you. It has been the honor of a lifetime to serve alongside you for the past two years.”

Florida Politics notes Harding ended his statement with a bible verse, Jeremiah 29:11-12. That verse can have several different meanings depending on the version of the Bible.

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Nadine Smith, the executive director of Equality Florida, responded to news of Harding’s resignation via social media: “So much harm to students, parents and teachers because of his raw political ambitions. He slandered entire communities and trafficked in lie after lie that has emboldened violent bigotry. He will have his day in court but his legacy is already a despicable one.”

Harding is not the only family member accused of criminal acts.

“Harding’s indictment follows a September guilty plea from his brother-in-law, Patrick Walsh,” Florida Politics notes. “As reported by Fresh Take Florida, Walsh pleaded guilty to wire fraud and money laundering charges connected to his receipt of nearly $8 million in disaster relief loans.”






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