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‘What Are You Willing to Take a Bullet For?’: Just How Disturbing Is Franklin Graham’s Question?



Series of Facebook Posts About Transgender Rights and Sin Culiminate in Asking, ‘What Are You Willing to Take a Bullet For?’

The question has to be asked: Just how disturbing is Franklin Graham‘s recent Facebook post? Is he now advocating violence? Is he effectively intimating violence against LGBT people is a godly stance against “sin”? Is he suggesting LGBT people are a danger to Christians? Is he suggesting Christians should somehow martyr themselves in some twisted anti-LGBT last stand? What exactly is he suggesting?

Earlier today NCRM posted an article lambasting Billy Graham’s son for his Friday “freak out” over President Barack Obama’s directive to all pubic schools to not discriminate against transgender students. Graham’s transphobic post on Friday was directly followed by a series of posts suggesting those who sin will be forgiven. Is he effectively dangling permission to commit heinous acts?

One post on Saturday concludes God “will give us eternal life if we believe on Him and trust Jesus Christ as our Savior. He alone is able to wash all of our sins away and give us a clean record.”

Graham continues the thought on Sunday, writing, “The Bible says, ‘Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sins are covered; blessed is the man against whom the Lord will not count His sin’ (Romans 4:7-8).” 

Graham then says, “I asked God to forgive my sins and my lawless deeds. He did—and I’m so grateful that my sins are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ so that they are not counted against me. How about you?”

Finally, Sunday evening, Graham on Facebook asks, “What would you take a bullet for?

That’s shocking in and of itself, but taken in context with his previous posts, it’s chilling.

“What are the principles and beliefs that you would not compromise under any circumstances? Even if it meant putting your life on the line?,” he asks.

He delves into Biblical mythology about King Nebuchadnezzar, and concludes, “I want to call on every Christian and every pastor to stand firm like these patriarchs of old and not bow to the secular, increasingly godless culture in which we live—even when (not if) we’re criticized, mocked, and labeled intolerant.”

“The God of the Old Testament that delivered Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from their fiery execution is the same God today—and He is still more than able to save. Will you stand against ungodliness? What are you willing to take a bullet for?”

Frightening that a “man of God” would so carelessly and arrogantly pose such a question on his Facebook page, which has over 3.7 million fans. 

Others seem to agree Graham’s words are cause for concern.

Raw Story’s Travis Gettys wrote Monday morning, “in a Facebook message to his followers posted Sunday evening, Graham encouraged anti-LGBT bigots to martyr themselves or face God’s eternal wrath.”

Popular gay blogger Joe.My.God. reposted Graham’s words, with the title, “Franklin Graham: Real Christians Should Be Willing To Take A Bullet For Their ‘Intolerant’ Beliefs.”

In “Franklin Graham: President Obama Is Advancing the Sin of Homosexuality,” right-wing religious site Charisma writes that “a couple of comments” Graham “made over the weekend certainly added to the message” against homosexuality. “Sunday, he asked his social media followers, ‘What would you to take a bullet for?'”

LiveLeak just posted an article titled, “Franklin Graham Goes Full Bin Laden in N.Carolina: Christian Should ‘take a bullet’ & Be a Martyr for their ‘Intolerant’ Beliefs.'”

“Graham encouraged his own followers to follow that Old Testament example in opposing American laws that contradict their biblical worldview,” the article says.

Former LGBT blogger Pam Spaulding on Facebook asked, “Does he want to promote violence by ‘Christians’ that will result in death and destruction? When will he stop this dangerous nonsense?”

Graham is a public figure who almost daily attacks the LGBT community, same-sex marriage, and more recently, civil rights for transgender people. On his nationwide tour and on Facebook Graham uses his pulpit to denounce LGBT people’s lives as sinful. Whatever his intentions, the effect, as others seem to agree, is disturbing at the very least.

NCRM contacted both the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Franklin Graham’s public relations representatives asking for comment, by telephone and email. We were told Mr. Graham is traveling today. 

Here are some responses to Graham’s post on Facebook:












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‘Boldly Ignorant’ Ted Cruz Slammed by Retired NYPD Detective for His Suggestions to Protect Kids



Appearing on MSNBC’s “The Katie Phang Show,” a retired NYPD detective expressed disgust with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) over his attempts to dismiss the idea of new gun laws to protect children in schools and instead is insisting America needs to turn schools into fortresses.

In interviews and appearing at the NRA convention this weekend in Houston, Cruz has vociferously disregarded the easy availability of high-powered weapons and instead focused on a door that was left open at the elementary school where the shooting occurred.

After host Phang shared a clip of the Texas Republican making his case, she asked former law enforcement detective Marq Claxton his thoughts on what Cruz was proposing.

Calling the controversial senator “boldly ignorant,” he proceeded to rip Cruz’s proposal apart.

“Marq, I was a prosecutor for half my career, I never prosecuted somebody for leaving a door open. How absurd is this proposal by Ted Cruz that the solution is to make sure that we don’t have too many doors at our schools?” host Phang asked.

“Ted Cruz’s statements were boldly ignorant and dismissive of the clear obvious danger that is faced by so many people in society because of the prevalence of violence and gun violence in particular,” he replied. “It really shows just how so many political electeds lack the fortitude to move forward and do the right thing: save lives.”

“Instead of sloganeering, Mr. Cruz and his other elected colleagues really should be working on legislation that provides, or minimizes the risk of damage, and could quite possibly and probably save lives,” he continued. “That is some additional gun restrictions, some background checks, there are other things that are out there that will undoubtedly be effective and save lives, and prevent these gun violence deaths.”

Watch the segment below or at this link.


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‘Taking Us All for Fools’: Critics Decimate Greg Abbott’s Claims and Defense of His Actions in Wake of School Shooting



Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott in a press conference that left reporters frustrated defended his actions and insisted his earlier praise for law enforcement’s widely criticized response to the Uvalde school massacre was the result of being “misled.”

“I am livid about what happened,” Abbott declared, blaming others for his “recitation of what people in that room told me.”

Critics aren’t buying his claims.

Abbott, who’s in the middle of a heated re-election campaign, appeared extremely defensive when reporters asked him questions.

“Let’s be clear about one thing. None of the laws I signed this past session had any intersection with this crime at all,” Abbott told reporters when asked if he would call the legislature back for a special session, as The Texas Tribune’s Sewell Chan noted.

“No law that I signed allowed him to get a gun,” Abbott insisted.

“The answers fell pretty flat,” opined MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, who noted the press event lasted just 36 minutes, less time than the police officers “stood outside and did nothing,” which was 47 minutes.

Abbott ended the press conference with many reporters almost begging him to take more questions. As the governor left one frustrated reporter was caught on a hot mic saying “unbelievable.”

Chan, who is the editor in chief of the Tribune, added on Twitter: “Abbott rejects background checks as a simplistic and ineffective fix. Wouldn’t have prevented Sutherland Springs and Santa Fe shootings, he says. Tries to turn focus to broken mental health system.”

Former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi on MSNBC delivered a strong rebuke to Governor Abbott’s remarks.

“No amount of free flights, no amount of free caskets, no amount of mental health counseling is going to bring back any one of those murdered children,” Figliuzzi said, referring to Abbott’s announcement an anonymous donor is putting up  $175,000 for funeral expenses of those who were murdered in the shooting and said the state will pay for mental health treatment.

Abbott also insisted that since Texas became a state it’s been legal for 18-year-olds to buy long guns.

Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime was murdered in the Parkland school shooting, blasted Abbott:

And long guns of today, as Figliuzzi noted, are often semi-automatic “killing machines.”

“The governor seems completely unable to understand that he can easily make a distinction when you’re talking about whether an 18-year-old should buy an assault rifle or not. And all he cares about is a century of history in Texas on long guns. We didn’t have the AR-15 style assault weapons back then.  He can easily make a distinction and say, ‘you can go hunting, here are the rifles you can do, you can buy, you can possess – and here’s an assault-style rifle.'”

“If he thinks that people are stupid and unable to understand that there is a clear distinction between a killing machine and a hunting rifle, that he’s taking us all for fools.”


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‘I Apologize for Interrupting Your Press Conference’: Tearful Texas Democrat Urges Greg Abbott to ‘Do Something’ on Guns



The Texas Democratic State Senator who represents Uvalde stood up during Greg Abbott’s Friday afternoon press conference and almost begged the Republican Governor to “do something” about gun violence after Tuesday’s massacre at Robb Elementary School that took 21 lives.

Abbott was trying to place the blame for the school shooting on mental health despite the gunman having no documented issues, and told attendees, “we’re focusing our attention on the wrong thing.”

That was not good enough for Democratic State Senator Roland Gutierrez, who politely introduced himself and said, “I’m not making a political speech.”

“My colleagues are asking for a special session, you’re getting a letter tomorrow,” from the Senate Democratic Caucus.

“We’ve asked for gun control changes – I’m asking you now, bring us back in three weeks.”

Gutierrez grew emotional, sounding as if he was choking up, and added, “I apologize for interrupting your press conference about the needs of this community. I’ve been here for three days with all of these elected officials – this county judge has been working his ass off,” he continued.

“I don’t know how to express the loss of the families that I’ve talked to,” he added.

“You have to do something, man,” Gutierrez said, all but begging the governor to take action, and saying his “own colleagues are calling me and telling me this is enough.”


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