Watch: Pat McCrory Tries To Plead His Case For HB2 on Fox News, Megyn Kelly Destroys His Argument


When You've Lost Even Fox News...

Governor Pat McCrory may have assumed he was on friendly territory Thursday night but it became apparent quickly in was in for a tough interview. The North Carolina Republican has become the face of the highly-controversial and, many legal experts say, unconstitutional HB2, a wide-sweeping anti-LGBT law that bans transgender people from using public restrooms that conform to their gender identity.

After two minutes of explanation, Fo News host Megyn Kelly opens hard: "Governor, what was the fear that led to the enactment of this law?"

McCrory stuck to his talking points, again blaming the city of Charlotte for forcing state lawmakers to enact HB2. "I have no desire to be the bathroom police," McCrory claimed.

Kelly wasn't going to let McCrory steer the interview his way, interrupting him to state that HB2 applies to public restrooms. "But why?," she asked again. "What was the concern? What was the evidence, specifically, that led you to believe this was a problem?"

McCrory, again on his talking points, insisted HB2 was necessary to protect "an expectation of privacy."

Kelly reeled McCrory in, focusing on the main public conversation about HB2, restrooms.

"I've been in women's bathrooms my whole life," she quipped. "And we don't have the urinal situation. We got like the stalls. We get to go in, we do our business, and like it's not - we don't see each other. So why are you concerned about young girls exposing themselves or seeing somebody else exposed, in a women's bathroom?"

McCrory, angered, turns the conversation partisan.

"Well first of all I can't believe we're talking about this. This is not an issue that I started. This is an issue the left started, not the right."

He went on to say that "the Obama administration is putting requirements on federal money that they also have to have this gender identification requirement for our schools."

"If you could get back to my question though," Kelly insisted. "The public restrooms that are maintained by the state, the question that many have is, what is your fear?," Kelly, again asked.

"Because you know, there is a misconception, that transgendered are somehow molesters  - and they're notThat's not true. Typically, male molesters are heterosexual and if they want to sneak into a bathroom they'll do it. But 90 percent of the cases molestation happens with someone you know. So what is the fear with the transgender situation and the bathrooms?"

McCrory insisted he doesn't "like the rhetoric" coming from the right, but rather, again from his talking points, claims "it's a basic expectation of privacy."

An argument Kelly previously negated.



Image: Screenshot via Fox News
Hat tip: Mediaite



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