LGBT Org Gets Hold of GOP Senator’s Desperate HB2 Letter to CEOs, Brilliantly Re-Works It


'Huh? This Makes No Sense. Also, Have You Met a Trans Person?' HRC Mocks, Fixes Republican's False Talking Points

Many times, just highlighting an anti-LGBT politician's words are enough to expose and embarrass them. Other times, they needs to be corrected - and mocked.

HRC got hold of a powerful North Carolina Republican Senator's desperate letter sent to CEOs across the state. It was his attempt to reassure them that despite HB2 causing over a billion dollars in lost revenue and thousands of jobs, everything is just great in the Tar Heel State. So HRC decided to offer a few corrections and a few appropriate recriminations to anti-gay Sen. Berger and his letter.

Senator Phil Berger is the Senate Leader and one of the driving forces behind HB2, the anti-LGBT law that's wreaking havoc in North Carolina. In the letter he penned to try to stop the hemorrhaging of jobs and money from his state, he told CEOs he still supports HB2 because it "provides common sense protections." Berger, who has been behind many anti-LGBT bills during his tenure, actually told CEOs he was concerned that all 652 cities and towns in North Carolina might come up with different laws to protect against workplace discrimination.

He also put scare quotes around gender identity.

The long letter you can read on HRC's website. We've posted some screenshots below. Enjoy reading between the lines!







Images via HRC, Wikimedia 

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