California DOJ Officials Raid Home of Indicted Creator of Fraudulent Anti-Planned Parenthood Videos


Anti-Choice Activist Who Was Indicted in Houston Last Month Claims California AG Is 'Bought-And-Paid-For' by Planned Parenthood

David Daleiden's Orange County apartment was raided by authorities from the California Department of Justice Tuesday, according to the anti-choice, anti-abortion extremist. Daleiden, the founder and head of the Center for Medical Progress, in a Facebook statement accused California Attorney General Kamala Harris of being "elected with tens of thousands of dollars from taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood," calling her "Planned Parenthood's bought-and-paid-for AG."

Daleiden told The Washington Post in an email that authorities took a laptop and multiple hard drives.

"The equipment contained all of the video Daleiden had filmed as part of his 30-month project, 'including some very damning footage that has yet to be released to the public,' he said," according to the Post.

On Tuesday on the Center for Medical Progress' Facebook page, the group made this post:

For over a year Daleiden has falsely claimed "Planned Parenthood sells baby parts," and regularly uses the hashtag #‎PPSellsBabyParts in his communications. 

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And yet, well over a half-dozen states, many headed by Republican governors and attorneys general, have investigated Planned Parenthood and each has concluded their investigations finding zero evidence of wrongdoing by the reproductive healthcare provider.

Meanwhile, a Texas grand jury earlier this year investigating Planned Parenthood wrapped up its investigation, also finding zero evidence of wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood, but indicted Daleiden and a co-worker. They turned themselves in to authorities a month ago.

Daleiden and his group stunningly have coordinated with the offices of several conservative Capitol Hill lawmakers, and reportedly came up with a plan to release his fraudulent videos one-by-one, to keep them in the news as long as possible. He reportedly previewed them for several congressional aides and lawmakers as well.

On Tuesday Daleiden released a statement, calling himself a "citizen journalist."

In related news, also on Tuesday the AP reported "death threats targeting abortion providers increased from one in 2014 to 94 in 2015, while incidents of vandalism at clinics rose from 12 to 67," according to information by the National Abortion Federation.



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