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Almost Every Dollar of School Vouchers in This Southern State Pays for Religious Education



93 Cents of Every School Voucher Dollar in North Carolina Winds Up in the Coffers of Faith-Based Private Schools

Despite what many would call a clear and obvious violation of First Amendment principles of separation of church and state, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that states can use the voucher system to help parents pay for private schools, and those schools can be faith-based. So, depending on where you live – at least 16 states plus the District of Columbia have school voucher programs – a portion your tax dollars are possibly going to Christian, Catholic, or Islamic faith private schools. And in those schools, most likely, children are being indoctrinated in misogynistic and homophobic beliefs, along with a denial of climate change and evolution.

In one of those 16+ states where lawmakers have embraced the school voucher public-to-private-religious-schools pipeline, 93 cents of every school voucher dollar goes to pay for educating young children in mostly Christian schools.

North Carolina has given parents $12 million this year in what they call “opportunity scholarships,” aka, school vouchers. Of that $12 million, more than $11 million, or 93 percent, has gone to pay for private religious schools, and just $800,000 has gone to private secular institutions, the Charlotte Observer reports.

“The government saves, the parents are happier, the children are being educated,” GOP state Rep. Paul Stam, one of North Carolina’s top anti-LGBT lawmakers, tells the Observer.

But opponents of school voucher programs rightly note those dollars that go to private schools could be used to improve what critics say are failing public schools, insufficient teacher salaries, crumbling infrastructure, and outdated or even nonexistant books and educational materials.

Each North Carolina student who qualifies is eligible for up to $4200 per year. The average price of a private school education in the Tar Heel State is more than twice that, $8800.

Also more than doubling is the amount North Carolina lawmakers are devoting to the school voucher program – which really is just a state-approved loophole to fund private, Christian education. Next year, parents will have access to a $25 million religious slush fund. Yes, $25 million of North Carolina taxpayers’ money will be poured into mostly Christian schools. The top recipient of school vouchers, Trinity Christian School, this year took in nearly a half-million dollars from “opportunity scholarships.”

“Religious schools may include worship, prayer and religious instruction as part of the school day,” the Observer reports.

Mark Helmer, a school principal at Covenant Day School and president of the Greater Charlotte Association of Christian Schools “said the bulk of school time is spent on academics – but those lessons may have religious themes, too,” according to the Observer.

“We really emphasize what we would call teaching from a Biblical world view,” Helmer said. For instance, he said, classes might discuss how the themes of a novel relate to the Bible or how God’s creation is reflected in the order of mathematics.

In Covenant’s science classes, lessons about the origin of Earth start with the premise “In the beginning God created …” then explore a range of interpretations, including evolution, said Head of School Mark Davis.

Not only are these private religious schools often teaching discrimination, and using tax dollars to do so, they are free to discriminate against LGBTQ youth and teens as well. They are only barred from discriminating against a student’s race or national origin.


Image by Michael 1952 via Flickr and a CC license
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Giuliani Returns to White House, Denounces ‘Deep State,’ Calls BLM ‘Marxist’ Just Days After Trump Fired SDNY Chief



It’s been less than two weeks since President Donald Trump fired the U.S. Attorney heading the once-independent Southern District of New York (SDNY) Office. Geoffrey Berman was conducting a criminal investigation of the President’s personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, and his actions regarding Ukraine. Berman had already indicted two of the former New York City mayor’s associates.

And it’s been months since Giuliani has been seen at the White House – though just 12 days since Attorney General Bill Barr first announced Berman was “stepping down,” and just ten days since Trump fired him, forcing his resignation.

Giuliani, himself once the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, was very talkative when he spoke with reporters from the White House lawn, in front of a building in which he does not work and has no authority for. In fact, Giuliani has not been elected to any public office in over two decades, since 1997.

It is unknown why he was there.

He did, however, manage to put on a show.

The 76-year old former mayor called the Black Lives Matter movement a “Marxist organization,” and claimed it “has been planning to destroy the police for three years.”

There is no evidence of that.

“They’ve finally gotten stupid Democrat mayors to agree with them,” he added.

“Right now murder is up 58 percent under the regressive Democrat mayor who is typical of Democrat mayors all over the country,” Giuliani claimed. (NCRM has not verified that claim.)

“They are a disaster. They are a danger to their people,” the former NYC mayor told reporters. What he neglected to say is NYC murders have dropped dramatically since he was mayor, but are not as bad as they were when he was mayor.

He also slammed the person, currently unknown, who leaked information to The New York Times on which the paper based its story that Russia is paying the Taliban to murder U.S. soldiers. Counting on his fingers he called the leaker “some kind of a felon in the federal government,” and a “deep state criminal.”

Giuliani claimed the information that was leaked was “actionable intelligence,” despite the Trump administration claiming the president was not briefed on it because it was not. Also, it’s unclear how or why Giuliani, who is not a federal government employee, would know anything about the intelligence – which the Trump White House says is a “hoax” and does not exist.

“I can’t think of a worse crime,” Giuliani, the personal attorney for President Trump actually claimed. “It’s not treason, but it comes close.”


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‘Doing It Wrong’: Internet Explodes as Trump Says He’s OK With Wearing a Mask and Would Look ‘Like the Lone Ranger’



After top Republicans this week declared they support mask-wearing to help control COVID-19 infections President Donald Trump, six months into the coronavirus pandemic has finally decided to say he’s “all for masks.”

“I’m all for masks. I think masks are very good,” Trump said in a Fox News interview Wednesday afternoon.

The President refused to issue an executive order requiring mask usage, something experts say would significantly reduce the spread of the deadly virus and help the declining economy.

The vain President quickly added, “People have seen me wearing one.”

“I sort of liked the way I looked,” he added, “like the Lone Ranger.”

Not surprisingly, many were quick to mock the President, not only for being late to even just slightly support mask wearing but also for how he’s contributed to the deaths of 130,000 people in the U.S.


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Busted: Taliban Commanders Admit Russia Is Paying to Murder US Soldiers as Trump Calls Cash-for-Killings a ‘Hoax’



President Donald Trump, the Director of National Intelligence, the former acting Director of National Intelligence, the National Security Advisor, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, the White House press secretary, and other Trump-appointed administration officials all have offered varying denials that Russia is paying terrorists in the Taliban to kill American soldiers, and that President Trump was briefed on the bounty program as far back as March of 2019.

Those who are not denying that Russia is paying the Taliban to kill American troops?

The Taliban.

Two current Taliban commanders and one former Taliban commander have confirmed to Business Insider “that Russia pays extremists in Afghanistan to attack US soldiers.”

“The Taliban sources were clear that this took place, and said Iran and Pakistan do it too,” Business Insider, a right-leaning news site, adds in its report.

Russia is not only paying cash – via wire transfers as The New York Times reports – to the Taliban to kill Americans, but “Taliban commanders have confirmed” Russia has also offered “material support to its members in exchange for attacking US forces in Afghanistan.”

The former Taliban commander, now a refugee in Greece, explains that the Russians “did not spend the money because we are friends. They spent it to kill their American enemies.”

Trump, as recently as Wednesday morning, has denied that the Russian cash-for-killings bounty program exists, and that he was ever briefed on it. As with many things that are true, Trump labeled it a “hoax.”

Image by US Army via Flickr
U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Michael L. Casteel

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