Gay Utah Senator’s Sneezing ‘Mini-Filibuster’ Kills Anti-Gay Amendment


Democratic Sen. Jim Dabakis Stages 'Mini-Filibuster' Against Proposal From Anti-LGBT GOP Rep. Lavar Christensen

With three minutes left in Utah's legislative session, at 11:57 p.m. on March 10 an anti-gay amendment arrived on the Senate floor. 

The amendment, from rabidly anti-gay GOP Rep. Lavar Christensen, would have barred same-sex couples from being joint tenants for tax purposes.

Senate Bill 252 had already passed the Senate once. However, because Christensen amendeded it in the House, senators needed to concur with the changes. 

After Sen. Curt Bramble introduced the bill, Senate President Wayne L. Niederhauser asked for a roll call vote.

When the clerk called the name of Democratic Sen. Jim Dabakis, the only openly gay member of the Legislature, he stalled by clearing his throat and sneezing, then seemed to fumble his words and ponder his vote, according to Salt Lake Tribune columnist Paul Rolly

Realizing Dabakis' stall tactics, Niederhauser said, "Passing, passing, go to the next one. C'mon, let's go." 

After all of the other senators had voted, the clerk called Niederhauser's name.

"Aye, but we ran out of time," Niederhauser said. "All right, we're done."  

Dabakis later wrote on Facebook

My mini-filibuster. What they did was very meanspirited! SB 252 was a low blow anti-LGBT bill. It was pulled off the board at 11:57 PM. The session ends at midnight. As they rushed this redneck-pleasing, bad bill through, there was only one minute left to vote. Roll Call Vote. When it came my time to vote — I had to deliberate. A long time. Until the session ended! BTW, the bill would have changed the words in state law from 'married, or a married couple' to 'husband and wife.' The hamfisted attempt to pass the bill under the radar was at least sneaky and tacky, trying to exclude our Utah same sex married couples from the law. And if it had passed, it most likely would have cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands in a lawsuit. Tacky.


Earlier today, Dabakis added

Does anyone live in Sandy--do you know anyone who lives in Sandy? Someone needs to file TOMORROW before 5 against LaVar Christensen OR he gets a free pass. Does he deserve a free pass? Americans, no one should run unopposed. Go to County Clerk and file. It is painless! 

"All that is needed to evil to prevail is for good people to stay silent!"

Orrin Hatch filed the last minute of last day for his first run! 

Make a difference!

Your community will support you! FILE NOW!"

Watch Dabakis' "mini-filibuster" below.


Image via Facebook


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