Samantha Bee Leads Twitter #SmileForJoe Attack Slamming MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Over Sexist Tweet


Right-Wing Sexism Gets a Pushback 

Tuesday night Hillary Clinton won all five Democratic primaries, and as she was delivering a victory speech, MSNBC's "Morning Joe" host, Republican Joe Scarborough, thought the appropriate response was to post this tweet:

It immediately caught the attention of many on Twitter as a typically conservative and sexist thing to do. 

Scarborough wasn't the only conservative news host who decided Hillary Clinton needed their advice, however.

Fox News hosts Howard Kurtz and Brit Hume decided to share their advice on how the Democratic frontrunner should behave:

Former "Daily Show" contributor Samantha Bee, who has been making headlines hosting her great new show "Full Frontal," decided to take Scarborough on in this response:

And followed it up with a Twitter challenge:

Which has been voraciously accepted:


Image by Samantha Bee/Twitter