Clay Aiken’s Stunningly Tone-Deaf Tweet About North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT HB2


Singer Who Lost 2014 Congressional Bid Suggests His Loss Is Worse Than Sweeping New Anti-LGBT Law

Clay Aiken posted a stunningly tone-deaf tweet Friday morning in response to his home state of North Carolina's new anti-LGBT law. The singer and songwriter who unsuccessfully challenged a sitting Tea Party Republican U.S. Congresswoman two years ago has been all but absent from the debate that's embroiled his entire state. 

Aiken managed to post three tweets on Thursday about HB2 – apparently his first mention of the law despite months of coverage – concluding with one that suggests he thinks that what's worse than the sweepingly broad anti-LGBT law is that apathetic voters didn't come out to elect him when he ran for Congress in 2014:

Aiken did have time this month to offer quixotic comments on Donald Trump, a candidate he's been supportive of several times, including back in August and October.

“I don’t think he’s a fascist,” he said on Fox Business News. "I don’t think he’s a racist. I think he’s a Democrat,” Aiken announced, suggesting that Trump doesn't believe the rhetoric he puts out daily.

Voter apathy is absolutely a problem, suggesting that a law that will lead to dire consequences for LGBT people is worse than people not voting for you is stunning.

The Washington Blade chimes in: 
"Clay Aiken says he’s as mad as anyone else about the newly enacted anti-LGBT law in his home state of North Carolina, but he wants you to know he can think of something worse."



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