Benham Brothers Headline Protest Calling For Special Legislative Session To Kill Charlotte NDO


Anti-LGBT Activists and Lawmakers Want State to Spend $42,000 Per Day to Nullify Nondiscrimination Ordinance

The Benham Brothers last week joined other anti-LGBT protestors calling on Gov. Pat McCrory to authorize a special session of the North Carolina legislature for one purpose: nullify a nondiscrimination ordinance lawfully passed by the Charlotte City Council.

"We sure hope the governor and General Assembly will do what is right," said David Benham Friday afternoon, surrounded by signs that called to keep kids and women safe.

The ordinance will go into effect April 1. GOP House Speaker Tim Moore is willing to have taxpayers spend $42,000 per day for a special session to kill the NDO. It's unclear how lawmakers will circumvent the Charlotte ordinance, but it could easily take the shape of a law nullifying all local nondiscrimination ordinances that exceed any state laws. 

WSOC reports the special session could be held this week. Gov. McCrory has called for action against the ordinance but does not want a special session.

The most-contested portion of Charlotte's ordinance allows transgender people to use the restroom that most closely matches their gender identity. 

Calling it "bizarro world," Benham inaccurately described cases in which Christian business owners had discriminated against LGBT people, and falsely claimed bills like Charlotte's are designed to "target" people of faith, like him, and their businesses.

"Mark our words, if this goes through, my company and others will be targeted."


Image: Screenshot via WSOC

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