Antarctica Has Now Been Declared the World’s First LGBT Friendly Continent


Planting Peace Plants LGBT Flags in Antarctica

Planting Peace has just declared the entire continent of Antartica LGBT friendly. The group's President and founder, Aaron Jackson, traveled all the way to the planet's southern-most continent with the LGBT Pride flag, as these photos show:


"The trip was planned to raise awareness for the need for action across the planet because basic rights are still denied to the LGBT community in so many countries across the world," Jackson said in a statement sent to NCRM.


Planting Peace is the organization that created and runs Equality House, the rainbow-colored home across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church, It is "a world wide symbol and center for advocacy in the movement towards LGBTQ rights," and perhaps a reminder to the hate group that LGBT people are everywhere.


"Fundamental human rights for the LGBT community should exist in EVERY corner of this world," Jackson says. "Antarctica is inhabited with people and has a booming tourist industry. Members of the LGBT community should feel safe to travel anywhere and have full rights that empower them to be their authentic selves without fear of emotional or physical harm."


 Planting Peace is on Facebook and Twitter, and accepts donations at their website.


All images via Planting Peace

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