Top GOP Pollster: Clinton Will Win Presidency Because Of GOP Candidates’ Behavior During Debate


Frank Luntz Just Issued Dramatic Prediction Halfway Through GOP Debate In South Carolina

Frank Luntz is the Republicans' favorite pollster. Known as a "public opinion guru," Luntz is frequently seen on Fox News and he's credited for developing winning talking points and phrases, like the "death tax."

Saturday night, during the rancorous and contentious GOP debate in South Carolina, Luntz posted this tweet:

Luntz then immediately followed it up with this tweet:

And then this:

What "behavior"? This is the most out-of-control debate of the 2016 cycle:

Popcorn, anyone? 

Luntz didn't stop here. More tweets:

The CBS debate was the highest-rated of any in 2016, which the most viewers showing up between 10 and 10:30, when news got out how crazy it was getting.

Also, PolitiFact looked at some of the candidates' statements, awared three "Fales" or "Mostly False" ratings, plus one "Pants on Fire" rating, to Ben Carson.