Right Now Oregon Domestic Terrorists Are Waiting For Franklin Graham To Come (Live Audio)


Four Remaining 'Militia' Occupiers Of Federal Property Are Waiting To Surrender Until Franklin Graham Shows Up

Wednesday night the FBI surrounded the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge demanding the remaining four domestic terrorists surrender. They have refused, and for hours last night and now again this morning have been on a live audio feed broadcasting their conversation with their attorney and Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, a friend of the Bundy family.

Also last night, the FBI arrested Cliven Bundy, as he was traveling to the refuge.

Right now, Fiore says she is with the FBI, after driving overnight from Nevada to Portland, and is awaiting the arrival of Franklin Graham. The religious activist has been speaking with the militants recently, and last night they agreed to surrender if Graham would be there to help them.

UPDATE: Breaking: Watch Live As Domestic Terrorists Surrender To FBI

Here's the livestream – we caution there may be extremist language and profanity, and possibly violence broadcasted:


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