Obama: No Recess Appointment For SCOTUS


Administration Ignoring Republican Calls To Allow Next President To Nominate Scalia Replacement

President Barack Obama will not make a recess appointment to the Supreme Court. 

An administration spokesman says the President will wait until the Senate is back in session next Monday before announcing his nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who passed away over the weekend.

"Given that the Senate is currently in recess, we don’t expect the president to rush this through this week, but instead will do so in due time once the Senate returns from their recess," White House spokesman Eric Schultz said, according to Reuters.

"At that point, we expect the Senate to consider that nominee, consistent with their responsibilities laid out in the United States Constitution," Schultz added.

Literally minutes after new broke that the Supreme Court justice had died, Republicans were racing to demand the President not nominate anyone, and demanded the Senate not confirm any Obama nominee. Many have falsely claimed it is standard for a sitting president, even one with 11 months left in office, to not fill an open Supreme Court seat. 

Ted Cruz has been leading the charge, vowing to filibuster any nominee, and even claiming opposite-sex marriage would be "in jeopardy" should an Obama nominee be confirmed.


Image: Screenshot via The White House/YouTube
Hat tip: Political Wire