Christian Pastor Claims ‘Sick As Hell Sodomites’ Want To Turn His Church Into A Bathhouse (Video)


"This ain't no fag house, this is the Lord's house."

An exceptionally agitated Pastor James David Manning on Monday released a video in response to news reports that an LGBT homeless youth shelter and an LGBT-affirming church both are attempting to raise sufficient funds to buy his church at a foreclosure auction.

"This ain't no fag house, this is the Lord's house," Pastor Manning said his "Foreclosure Tax Message to My Enemies" video. "Until I see you pull a baby out your ass, you ain't gonna pull this church out underneath us."

Manning also claims "several groups" are claiming they're going to buy the building so they can "turn this church into a bath house," or "turn it into a homeless building for the sodomites." He goes on to say "the sodomites are sick as hell, they're some sick people." 

Gay people will have to carry fetuses in their "testicles" and give birth through their "anuses" before he will let them have his church building, Manning insisted.

"Boom shaka laka goes right there," he continued, concluding, "All you fags can go to hell! I'm James David Manning, everybody. I'm the Lord's servant."

Manning says his "chief technology officer" tells him he was written about in "over 10,000 news articles" last year, including in Reuters and in The New York Times. "That means we're fairly well-known everywhere," Manning claimed. A search of Reuters and of the Times for last year and provided no such results.

"I imagine we are going to hear a lot of ranting and raving from Rev Manning until the auction," Carl Siciliano, Executive Director of the Ali Forney Center, said in a statement. "And he has good cause to be ranting. The Ali Forney Center has been overwhelmed with support since we announced our bid to site a housing program for LGBT youth,  thus far raising $130K, well over $30K a day, in our quest to win his foreclosed building at auction. I have no interest in birthing babies, only in providing safety for New York City's homeless LGBT youth."

Manning, head of the ATLAH church, has made a name for himself by posting extraordinarily ugly, anti-gay messages on his illegally erected sign outside the historic church building on 123rd Street in New York City's Harlem neighborhood.

"Jesus would stone homos" was the first that drew national outrage. "All churches & members that support homos cursed be thou with cancer HIV syphilis stroke madness itch then hell," was another. "When the homos bullied the poor and needy in Sodom like they do in Harlem, Jesus fire and brim-stoned them," yet another.

Publicly, Manning has also claimed his local Harlem Starbucks is ground zero for Ebola because they add the semen of "sodomites" to add special flavor to their lattes.

The ATLAH church reportedly is in arrears of over $1 million and reportedly will be sold at auction. The Ali Forney Center, which serves homeless LGBT youth, has raised over $128,000 of its $200,000 goal.

Here's Manning's disturbingly homophobic, petulant, and vile message:

You can donate to the Ali Forney Center and help take hate out of Harlem.


Image: Screenshot via YouTube