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Donald Trump Can’t Explain How He’s Going To ‘Unify Our Country’ By Getting Rid Of Same-Sex Marriage



Trump Is Allergic To The Word ‘How.’

Donald Trump Sunday repeatedly refused to answer questions on same-sex marriage. The GOP frontrunner who lost in Iowa last week for years has said he is “for traditional marriage,” but surprised many last week when he told a local reporter who happens to be a lesbian that he will “unite” the country and the LGBT community can look forward to enhanced equality if he is president.

WATCH: In Total Flip-Flop, Trump Tells Reporter He Will Advance LGBT Rights. Reporter Is A Lesbian.

Trump told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Sunday’s “The Week” that he will appoint “great” “conservative” justices to the Supreme Court.

“We’re going to see how they stand depending on — on what their views are,” he said, again refusing to explain how a judicial ruling overturning Obergefell – the same-sex marriage case – will “unite” America, when over 60 percent of Americans support marriage equality.

To see Trump’s sheer and total inability to not just explain how he will actually accomplish his goal, much less even define it, is stunning.

Above, the video – forward to the 5:45 mark. Below, the transcript via ABC News, because following just the audio is impossible.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But just last Sunday, you said you would strongly consider appointing justices who would overturn it.

TRUMP: I’m talking about bringing people together and we — I would appoint justices. It would take a long time, frankly, because I don’t know how long it would take to appoint a…

STEPHANOPOULOS: But you want them to overturn…


STEPHANOPOULOS: — that Supreme Court decision?

TRUMP: If they — if they — I would appoint them and we will see how they will vote but I would…

STEPHANOPOULOS: But how does that move us to equality?

TRUMP: We’ll find out. I mean we’re going to find out. There’s a lot of people that want to see that. But I would, I’d — more important than anything else to me, this country is so divided right now, as per her question. This country is so totally divided, it’s probably almost never been as divided as it is right now and we have to bring it together.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But a majority of Americans now support the idea of gay marriage.

Wouldn’t it be divisive to try to overturn it?

TRUMP: It has — it has really been determined and we will see what happens. We’re going to look at judges. They’ve got to be great judges. They’ve got to be conservative judges. We’re going to see how they stand depending on — on what their views are.

But that would be my preference.

STEPHANOPOULOS: See, that’s what I mean.

Where do you want them to stand?

TRUMP: I would prefer that they stand against it, but we’ll see what happens. It depends on the judge.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And how does that move us toward equality for gays and lesbians?

TRUMP: Well, I think what will happen is — and, look, George, it’s very simple. We’re going to bring our country together. We’re going to unify our country. We’re going to do whatever we have to do. I’m going to put the absolute bed — best judges in position. If their views — we’re going to see what their views are. I will make the determination at that time.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But what do you say to gays and lesbians who think that overturning that decision is not unifying our country, it’s dividing our country?

TRUMP: Well, I think I understand what they’re saying and we’re going to see what happens. It’s a long way off, George. It’s a long way off.

The Daily Mail called it “a perplexing answer” and a “word salad.”

Really makes one wonder…



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Image: Screenshot via ABC News

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