Kim Davis: In SOTU Obama Ignored Christians Who Are ‘Mashed Down, Literally, With His Agenda’


Kentucky Clerk Offended By Obama's Claim Everyone Is Free To Marry Who They Love

Right after attending President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address this week, Kim Davis gave just one interview, to a Christian news agency. The anti-gay Rowan County clerk who still refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples told EWTN’s Jason Calvi that she was disappointed by the President's call to end hate and bigotry against Muslims, because he ignored people of the Christian faith.

Christians, Davis says, are victims of Obama's agenda.

“One of the things that he focused on was that we should not discriminate against Muslims or persecute them," Davis told Calvi, "but he never once said anything about the people of the Christian faith who are being so tried and tested and being mashed down, literally, with his agenda.” 

Davis did not give any specific instances of Christians being "mashed down, literally, with his agenda."

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The defiant county clerk scored a highly coveted ticket to the State of the Union thanks to her friends at the anti-gay hate group, Family Research Council, via Ohio far-right Republican Congressman Jim Jordan.

Unsurprisingly, Davis also wasn't pleased about President Obama's comments in support of marriage for same-sex couples.

“He had made the statement that everybody was free to marry who they love, and, of course, that’s the stand that I stood again,” David to Calvi. “And it’s not, for me, it never was a gay or a lesbian issue. It’s about standing up for the word of the God and as God had defined marriage from the very beginning as between one man and one woman, and that’s what I stood for.”

Davis did approve of one comment President Obama made during his 59 minute address.

"I did agree with one remark that he made about how we have to stand strong, help those that are less fortunate," Davis said, "and I think that is the basis of the Christian faith is the brotherly love, you know?"




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