Fox News Host: Obama Used Raw Onion So He Could Cry When Talking About 1st Grade Kids Killed By Guns


Fox News Sinks To New Low – Says President's Tears Over 20 Sandy Hook Slaughtered Children Were Fake

A Fox News host thinks that President Barack Obama used a raw onion or other device to make him cry today when he spoke of the 20 first grade students at Sandy Hook Elementary School who were gunned down, along with six school staffers, in 2012. The President was unveiling his new executive actions to curb gun violence, an issue he has made little headway on, which he says is his greatest disappointment during his presidency.

Fox News co-host Andrea Tantaros on today's edition of "Outnumbered" apparently did not buy that the grief shown by president, himself the father of two daughters, was real, but rather, manufactured.

The group also for some reason insisted that the President of the United States should be relegated to focusing on gun violence only in his hometown of Chicago, and that he has not shown passion for any issue other than guns.

Asked about her reaction to the president's tears today, Tantaros said that if Pres. Obama "really cared about an issue, especially like Chicago in his hometown, and it was plausible, he would be doing something very different and he would have spoken out a long time ago."

Fox News has repeatedly lambasted President Obama for speaking out on gun violence many times, and chastised him for addressing the nation after mass shootings.

"This is how many years? Almost eight years, he’s almost at the end of his term," Tantaros charged. "And you haven’t heard him go to Chicago and really speak out about this issue."

If "you haven’t heard him go to Chicago and really speak out about this issue" maybe Fox News didn't cover it, or minimized it. The President visited Chicago and spoke on gun violence in October of 2015, and in February of 2013. He's also mentioned gun violence in Chicago multiple other times.

“So, I would check that podium for like a raw onion or some No More Tears,” Tantaros stated. Even her guest, former Fox News host Andrew Napolitano, seated in the center of the "Outnumbered" sofa, looked shocked upon hearing her words. 

"It’s not really believable," Tantaros insisted. "And the award goes to… we are in awards season."

Calling it "bad political theater,," Meghan McCain, a moderate Republican, stunningly chimed in saying, "I agree with Andrea."

“It just didn’t seem horribly authentic. And maybe it is, I don’t know him at all.”

“Go to your hometown of Chicago instead of talking about God-fearing Americans who just want to protect themselves when ISIS is coming to their hometown and shooting up 14 people,” McCain scolded.



Image: Screenshot via The White House/YouTube
Video and hat tip: David Edwards at Raw Story