Donald Trump Just Retweeted An Anti-Semitic Nazi Sympathizing White Supremacist


Once Again, Trump Retweets Post From Vile And Offensive Source

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump Friday morning posted this tweet:

It's a retweet in Trump's someone unique fashion.

Trump, unlike most Twitter users, copies the entire original tweet and then puts it in quotation marks. What that means is he can't claim he didn't see who it was from.

Who it was from is a Twitter user who goes by the name Donald Trumpovitz and whose handle is @WhiteGenocideTM. That user's bio links to a pro-Hitler Nazi sympathizing website: "Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story NEVER Told." Under a swastika it urges visitors to "Think different."

"Despite being a candidate for the highest office in the land, Donald Trump continues to retweet comments from highly questionable fans, including proud white supremacists and Nazi sympathizers," The Daily Beast reports. " It's only a matter of time before the presidential candidate blames an intern."



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Image of Trump by Michael Vadon via Flickr and a CC license

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