Breaking: Racial Profiling Sheriff Joe Arpaio Endorses ‘Great Patriot’ Donald Trump For President


Arizona Law Enforcement Officer And Devoted Birther Appears On Stage With GOP Frontrunner

Donald Trump is pulling out all the stops. Last week the GOP frontrunner won the endorsement of Sarah Palin and the widow of noted racist John Wayne. Tuesday morning Trump won the endorsement of the son of noted racist and segregationist, televangelist Jerry Falwell. Jerry Falwell, Jr. is president of Liberty University, which his father founded.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump appeared on stage to accept the endorsement of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Once known as "America's Toughest Sheriff," the Arizona lawman today is best known as an anti-immigration activist who has been sued by and lost to the federal government over charges of racial profiling and a litany of other misdeeds.

"Arpaio oversaw the worst pattern of racial profiling by a law enforcement agency in U.S. history, a DOJ expert concluded, the Phoenix New Times reported in 2011. "Arpaio and his commanders created a 'culture' of abusing the rights of Latinos in the county," according to assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Perez.

"Donald Trump is a leader," Arpaio said in a statement. "He produces results and is ready to get tough in order to protect American jobs and families. I have fought on the front lines to prevent illegal immigration. I know Donald Trump will stand with me and countless Americans to secure our border. I am proud to support him as the best candidate for President of the United States of America."

On stage about an hour ago ago, Arpaio stood next to Trump and called him a "great patriot."



Image: Screenshot via CNN/Twitter 



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