Ammon Bundy Says His Takeover Of Federal Land Is Supported By The Bible (Audio)


Ammon Bundy now cites Genesis for support of his illegal occupation.

The leader of what many are calling a group of domestic terrorists is quickly losing what little support he had. Local citizens in Burns, Oregon Wednesday night gathered together in a town meeting to voice their opinions on Ammon Bundy's illegal occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. 

After all was said, it was clear the citizens of Burns don't want the Bundy clan in their area. While they want them gone, they are glad for the attention now being given to what they see as government overreach. Oregonian political reporter Ian Kullgren posted these tweets from the meeting:

Meanwhile, Ammon Bundy sought support this week via a right-wing radio program, The Liberty Roundtable, claiming the Bible gives him the authority to seize federal lands.

While the Constitution codifies the unalienable rights of U.S. citizens, the show's host said, "God-given unalienable rights to land" existed before America's founding, and are in the Bible. 

Bundy agreed.

"We read in Genesis where God gives the earth to man," Bundy responded, "he did not give it to government, he gave it to man to care and to cultivate, and that means to take care of it and to use it. That is necessary and that is what the Lord has done."

Bundy went on to claim that the Constitution does not allow the federal government to buy land, that "the people never give them that authority in the first place." Of course, Bundy is 100 percent wrong, as are many who misread the Constitution. It's right there, in Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2, the Property Clause.

Here's Bundy, with the show's host first speaking:


Image: Screenshot via NBC News
Hat tip and audio: Right Wing Watch


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