‘You Have Truly Broken My Heart’: Sarah Palin’s Supporters Turn Against Her After Trump Endorsement


Palin's Facebook Page Explodes With Former Supporters Expressing Disappointment, Sadness, Anger

Sarah Palin officially endorsed GOP frontrunner Donald Trump this week. Late Friday afternoon the former, half-term Alaska governor posted a PEOPLE magazine "exclusive" to her Facebook page. "Enjoy some behind-the-scenes pictures of recent campaign stops that we've shared with People.com," Palin wrote. "I told you it's going to be a lot of fun Making America Great Again!"

Immediately, hundreds posted responses, and they were unusual for Palin's 4.6 million Facebook supporters.

"Disappointed in you," one former fan wrote. "You have always been my favorite but I don't know how you can support Trump who has not demonstrated he is a conservative. In fact just the opposite. So another one of my heroes has bit the dust."

"Feel like we were sold out. Thought that she would support a person of faith not a crook with no plan to fix anything," wrote another.

"Always respected you, until now. Disappointed and sad."

"Sarah, you have truly broken my heart...."

"Not following your posts anymore. Trump is not a conservative, so what does that say about you? I don't know. Just looking for publicity, jumping on the bandwagon? No reason to listen to a thing you say."

Of course, not all were negative, and many were even positive. But unlike most of the comments on most of Palin's posts, these emotion-filled messages portray a large contingent who feel personally hurt and betrayed.

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