Trump Unleashes Twitter Rant Defending His Use Of ‘Schlonged’


After 24 hours of criticism for his sexist and misogynistic attack on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump took to Twitter to defend himself - some say falsely.

Monday night in Michigan at a rally attended by about 7500 supporters, Donald Trump unleashed an ugly attack on Hillary Clinton.

"Even her race to Obama," the GOP frontrunner said, speaking of Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential primary race against Barack Obama.

"She was going to beat Obama. I don't know who'd be worse. I don't know. How does it get worse? She was favored to win and she got schlonged. She lost. She lost," Trump told the audience.

Immediately, the media reported the news. 

The Washington Post reported that Trump turned "a vulgar noun for a large penis into a verb."

ThinkProgress added: 

"Schlong" is a well-known reference to a man's genitals. There are no alternative definitions for the word, according to Merriam-Webster.

In typical fashion, Trump did not apologize, suggest he might have spoken inappropriately, or might have used a word in an unintended manner.

Instead, minutes ago, after waiting 24 hours for the news to give him attention, Donald Trump took to Twitter to play the victim in his own sexist and misogynistic attack on Clinton.

He wrote that the mainstream media got the entire story wrong, and that out of the thousands of news outlets across America, not a single one of them knew the actual definition of the word "schlonged."

Trump also claimed that a journalist, now at NPR, had used the word in the same manner he did, decades ago:

But here's what the arbiter of slang, Urban Dictionary, offers when searching for "schlonged":

to get very drunk 
to hit someone or thing 
to bismark a someone

And this:

"To be cockslapped by a man with a large penis." 


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Image: Screenshot via YouTube

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