Bill Cosby Free On $1 Million Bail (Video)


78 Year Old Actor, Comedian 'Disoriented' As He Walks With Cane Into Courthouse

Bill Cosby at 2:30 PM Wednesday drove up to the Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Courthouse in a black SUV. He was helped out of the car and walked with a cane a few feet to the building's side door. Cosby slightly tripped on his way in, and one reporter stated he appeared disoriented and she might have heard him asking his attorney where he was. Another called him "dazed and confused."

The 78-year old actor and comedian was charged with a felony sexual assault charge. He was not asked to plead innocent or guilty. Cosby was released on $1 million bail, and surrendered his passport.

He then went to the police station where he was fingerprinted and booked.

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Over 50 women have accused Cosby of drugging them, assault or sexual assault. 

UPDATE: Here's Bill Cosby's Mugshot

Cosby will return to court January 14.

On his way to the police station some onlookers yelled, calling him a "monster."


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