You’ll Never Guess The Origin Of Trump’s Extremely Racist Graphic (Of Course You Will!)


Donald Trump tweeted an offensive, false, and extremely racist graphic on Sunday. Guess where it came from?

NCRM Sunday was one of the first to report on a tweet Donald Trump posted, a racist graphic showing the image of what presumably is a Black man pointing a gun, next to wildly false "statistics" designed to "prove" Black people are violent murderers.

It didn't take much to prove the stats were false. The source cited in the graphic doesn't exist, and common sense - plus, FBI statistics - show they're false.

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But where did the graphic come from?

Little Green Footballs founder Charles Johnson went on a hunt

Turns out, the first time the image was tweeted was by @CheesedBrit

@CheesedBrit's bio apparently references Hitler:

"A detester of any kind of sick perverted dildo waving marxism and liberalism,we Should have listened to the Austrian chap with the little moustache."

His tweets support the idea that he's a neo-Nazi. Johnson notes, "his avatar, that looks like a modified swastika, is the symbol of the neo-Nazi German Faith Movement. So there you have it. Donald Trump is posting racist imagery that comes directly from neo-Nazis."

There you have it indeed. The Republican frontrunner for president of the United States is now spreading the lies from a neo-Nazi.

Trump likely didn't know the origins of the image, but he also didn't bother to check. Nor did he both to check its validity, which is the real issue. He saw something that supported his world view and tweeted it. 

This is where we are in America today.



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Image of Trump by Michael Vadon via Flickr and a CC license


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