GOP Congressman: Let’s Put Gay And Straight Couples ‘On An Island And See Which Nature Favors’


Watch one U.S. Congressman from Texas tell evangelical Christian students about a study he'd like Congress to perform.

Liberty University has been upping its national presence as a platform for politicians interested in gaining national attention. Ted Cruz launched his presidential campaign at Liberty, which was founded by the late virulently anti-gay Jerry Falwell. Jeb Bush delivered this year's commencement address at Liberty, and even Bernie Sanders recently spoke to its evangelical Christian students.

Enter Louie Gohmert, a Tea Party Republican U.S. Congressman from Texas.

Rep. Gohmert has a reputation for misogyny, homophobia, making attacks on President Barack Obama, losing a war of words with former Attorney General Eric Holder, and coining the phrase "terror babies."

Last week, Rep. Gohmert took the stage at Liberty University, where student attendance at these weekly convocations is mandatory, and brought up one of his favorite topics: same-sex marriage.

"Let's just take a totally secular approach to this," Gohmert told the students. "Congress is good about having studies. How about if we take four heterosexual couples and put them on an island where they have everything they need to live and exist and we take four couples of just men and put them on an island where they have all they need to survive and then let's take four couples of just women and put them on an island and then lets come back in 100 years and see which one nature favors?"

In the past, Congressman Gohmert has called Pres. Obama's jobs bill a gift to gay people that attacks traditional marriage, has said gay people cannot control their hormones, called homosexuality adultery, and warned that ENDA will ultimately force Christians to hire "Satan-worshipers" and "cross-dressers."



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Image: Screenshot via Liberty University/YouTube
Hat tip and video: Right Wing Watch


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