Chris Christie: No Syrian Refugees, ‘Not Even 5-Year Old Orphans’


It's like Bridgegate 2.0, only this time orphaned refugees are being blocked from New Jersey.

Republicans today are rushing to see who can deliver the most disgusting denouncement of Syrian refugees, in the wake of the Paris attacks, based on false stories that a terrorist had a Syrian passport (it was fake). New Jersey Governor (and, oddly, still-in-the-race presidential candidate) Chris Christie has won the prize.

No Syrian refugees, now, not even five-year old orphans, Christie said to conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt today

It really has come to this. 

A 53-year old man is literally afraid of a 5-year old baby.

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Christie, according to Hewitt, claimed he doesn't want Syrian refugees in America because "he lacks confidence in Administration's vetting ability," as Hewitt tweeted - except he got the age wrong.

"I don't think orphans under five should be admitted to the United States at this point, they have no family here, how are we going to care for these folks?," Christie asked, apparently assuming five-year old orphans can be cared for elsewhere, but not in the richest country on earth.

And it's a shame the Republicans don't even bother to acquaint themselves with how the refugees are vetted.  


Image by Marc Nozell via Flickr and a CC license
Hat tip: Salon


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