Fiorina Lies About Abortion While Attacking ‘Left-Wing’ Critics After Planned Parenthood Attack


Carly Fiorina takes to Fox News to denounce her critics, and issues a litany of falsehoods in the process.

In a stunning "Fox News Sunday" interview, Carly Fiorina not only refused to accept the possibility that the lies she has told about the Planned Parenthood videos could have in any way contributed to Friday's terror attack on a Colorado Planned Parenthood, but attacked those on the left who have raised the possibility.

The GOP presidential candidate whose falsehoods during a GOP debate led to her taking the spotlight and a rise in the polls for a short period on Sunday labeled the increasingly vocal attacks on her as "typical left-wing tactics," while injecting falsehoods to make it appear as if her positions have greater support than they actually do.

"This is so typical of the left to immediately begin demonizing a messenger because they don't agree with the message," Fiorina told Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. "The vast majority of Americans agree what Planned Parenthood is doing is wrong. And that's why the vast majority of Americans are prepared, not only to defund Planned Parenthood, but also, to stop abortion for any reason at all after five months."

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Fiorina is blatantly misleading and flat-out wrong, because the vast majority of Americans support Planned Parenthood. In fact, by a 2-1 margin, 65 percent of Americans support Planned Parenthood and want government funding of Planned Parenthood to continue.

Fiorina's claim the vast majority of Americans want to ban abortion for any reason after five months is a curious and slippery statement, since the debate currently is over a 20-week abortion ban, somewhat akin to five months.

And in fact, "for any reason" includes rape, incest, life of the mother, health of the mother, and no legitimate recent poll NCRM could locate finds the vast majority of Americans want to ban abortion after 20 weeks, period, regardless of "for any reason" or not.

In fact, an August Quinnipiac poll found 85 percent of registered voters nationwide believe abortion should be legal "when an abortion is necessary to save the life of the mother," and 78 percent of Americans think abortion should be legal "when the pregnancy was caused by rape or incest."

Fiorina also, falsely, stated that Planned Parenthood's decision to quell opponents' false claims it is selling baby parts by no longer accepting any reimbursement for the work of collecting and transporting donated tissue to research facilities is akin to admitting guilt.

"It is not 'alleged,'" Planned Parenthood sold baby parts, Fiorina said, responding to Wallace's question. "Planned Parenthood acknowledged several weeks ago that they would no longer take compensation for body parts," she stated, in a twisted reading of Planned Parenthood's decision. "Sounds like an admission they were doing so."

In fact, Fiorina is either wrong, intentionally misleading, or lying on nearly everything she says in this clip.




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