Boston Man Says As He Was Leaving Gay Bar Attackers Slashed His Throat, Broke His Shoulder


A Boston man says he's lucky to be alive after a Thanksgiving evening attack that sent him to the ER.

Michael Fontana says emergency room doctors tell him he's lucky to be alive. Thanksgiving night, he says, after leaving a local Boston gay bar three men who had caused trouble inside the bar minutes earlier jumped him.

He says they screamed, "you're all a bunch of racist pigs." Telling them, "I'm on your side" is the last thing he clearly remembers.

"They slashed my throat, broke my shoulder and crushed my phone so that I couldnt cal 911 [sic]," Fontana, who is well-known locally as the drag performer Eileen Dover, wrote on a GoFundMe page. So far over $2500 has been raised.

"They continued to beat me. The next thing I remember my friend found me and the police were there. I spent the night in the ER where they told me if my throat wound were a cm off I'd be dead," he adds.

Towleroad, which was first to report the attack, adds they have "learned from Don Gorton of the Anti-Violence Project of Massachusetts that the incident is being investigated as a hate crime by the Boston Police department."

The Advocate posted this Facebook image of Dover:

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Fontana says, "I am at this point terrified to leave my home."


Image, top, via Facebook